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  1. Jasper4S

    What to expect from OTA?

    Hi all, I drive a MY23 (feb) Taycan and was enthusiastic when the SA told me the car supports OTA updates. Last 14 months I did receive 2 updates. A finder one and a weather one. Is this what I can expect for coming years? I was hoping on more / more frequent ones with new features like all the...
  2. Jasper4S

    Mold inside rear light

    Hi all, I was cleaning my Taycan today and noticed I have moss / algue or mold inside my rear light on both sides. What can I do to remove it, but more important, how can I prevent it from happening Cheers Jasper
  3. Jasper4S

    Depreciation, I lost money, I’m crying

    Yes a clickbait title I’ve noticed all topics on this forum are hijacked by comments about depreciation to the point I’m really annoyed by it. We are all on the same boat, but lets not bring it up every 5 comments. The value isn’t going up by posting the same stuff every time. Let’s stay...
  4. Jasper4S

    My Taycan 4s is faster than advertised

    To my surprise I was able to hit a speed of 258m/h instead of the advertised 240-250km/h for the Taycan 4s. It felt software limited, at a speed of about 255km/h it felt the vehicle was holding back. (Location; Autobahn - road was almost empty)
  5. Jasper4S

    New 2025+ Taycan rear light retrofit onto gen 1 Taycan?

    I really like the rear light design of the gen2 Taycan. The Porsche letters should have been part of the rear light in gen1 IMO. I’m aware not everyone will like it, but what are the chances that the new rear lights are fitting the gen1? Most of the bodywork in the upper part of the vehicle...
  6. Jasper4S

    How to avoid traffic jams with navigation

    Hi all, Last few months I did lots of trips with my navigation (PCM) active. I noticed something odd. My previous vehicles (non Porsches) were kind of smart in finding the fastest way to arrive. When possible they avoided traffic jams. With my Taycan I experience the opposite. It calculates...
  7. Jasper4S

    Porsche Tequipment Bicycle Carrier review

    Hi everyone! My Taycan ST is 6000km old and is used for a multiple trips with the wife, kids and bicycles (in random order). When I was doubting to buy the bicycle carrier, I really missed a good review on this forum, so here is mine! I hope it will help anyone making the decision First a...
  8. Jasper4S

    iPad for the kids / rear seat entertainment

    Hi everyone! In a couple of weeks I will do a road trip with the kids +- 1200km. In my previous car I had a mount for the iPad that was attached to the head rest of the drivers seat. With the Taycan / sport seats the mount is not usable anymore. What is your experience? What are your...
  9. Jasper4S

    Unofficial Homekit support for your Taycan! [Plugin available for download]

    Hi all, Since 2 weeks I'm proud owner of a beautiful gentian blue Taycan 4s Sport Turismo. I bought it because it was a Porsche (duh) but also because it is a tech car with all the beautiful displays and options. Last week I was playing around with the Porsche Connect API (I am a software...
  10. Jasper4S

    To Timer or not to Timer

    Hi all, I'm a Taycan owner for a week right now. I've read most of the threads about charging. But still don't understand it fully. What would you setup in my situation? I work from the office on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. On these days I leave my house around 7:15. What would be an ideal...
  11. Jasper4S

    Which rims are these?

    Hi everyone! My last two months can be summarized as “playing with the taycan configurator” as my lock date is in the near future. I’m still doubting about the wheels I want for my 4S ST. I’ve watched a lot of youtube videos and I think i’ve read almost all threads on this forum to inform...
  12. Jasper4S

    Smart home integration w/ Taycan?

    I saw a lot of fellow software engineers are on this forum and are Taycan owners. I’m one myself, and I was wondering, did any of you already succeed in bringing your car to your smart home? I know about IPace and Tesla integrations, but can’t find something for Porsche. I believe it would be...
  13. Jasper4S

    Rate my 4s - my first sports / electric car

    Hi everyone! Since a week I'm proud - soon to be - owner of a 4s Sport Turismo (may 2023). It's my first sports car and also my first electric car. Picking options is giving me more stress than expected and making me more nervous than necessary. I really could use your advice and opinions...