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  1. Bye Bye Taycan

    You have your choice between two Taycans that are equipped with all your preferred options in the same apparent physical condition and are aware that battery condition is important. Jim is in his mid seventies and drives mainly about town. Bob is twenty something lives in the desert southwest...
  2. Anyone parking their Taycan outside in the winter?

    Snow and cold isn't going to damage the car. The one thing you should do if cold and traveling, is to charge the car the day before when the battery is still warm.
  3. Bye Bye Taycan

    But the visible wear and tear doesn't really tell you the how the car was driven and the condition of the battery especially given that the car is still not very old. California Advanced Clean Cars II proposes a dashboard SOH indicator for 2026 and beyond but doesn't help with the current crop.
  4. Bye Bye Taycan

    How do you tell if a Taycan is gently used?
  5. Scottish road trip report with Taycan 4S

    New Cumnock. That's where some of my people are from. Enjoying the travelogue.
  6. Parts theft on EVs

    Wow. The inventiveness of the criminal mind is amazing!
  7. Depreciation of the 2025 Taycan

    There is a way to do a controlled test of whether Porsche has learned anything from the Taycan. Has anyone compared the cost to lease of a similarly equipped Macan EV with a Macan ICE ? Just curious.
  8. Has Porsche Killed the Taycan?

    Porsche has a market cap of about $82 billion and the Cayenne and Macan are by far the largest component of sales. For 2021 (most recent year I had data for) 911 38,464 Boxster/Cayman 20,502 Cayenne 83,071 Panamera 30,220 Macan 88,362 Taycan 41,296 So yeah, they are most of...
  9. Has Porsche Killed the Taycan?

    It has to be, it was the car that saved Porsche. They can't afford a failure. Lessons have been learned and the market may not be so tolerant if the Macan gets tagged with the same issues as the Taycan has.
  10. Has Porsche Killed the Taycan?

    It appears the prudent way to purchase a Taycan is via lease, though the cost is high. Borrowing an analogy from Donald Rumsfeld. The knowns: The cost to purchase is high The cost to operate is low The appeal is high There is little confidence in resale value The known...
  11. The Chinese Taycan

    Ignore the Australian guy. Apparently the Taycan isn't heavy enough.
  12. NEW 2025 Audi RS e-Tron GT First Drive: Better Than A Taycan?

    Sweet a dancing car. First there was the Plaid gap, now there is the dancing gap. Porsche needs to respond asap.
  13. Optimism and a brave face!

    Betting the company on a new EV when the last one didn't go so well?. Better to fix the problem then drink the same wine they have been selling to their customers.
  14. Depreciation of the 2025 Taycan

    What would really reduce the depreciation of EV's is a battery upgrade at a reasonable cost. I think I saw somewhere that the cost of a new battery for a Taycan is around $50,000. Have seen reports in the papers that a new battery for a Kia was costing $60,000 installed. Right now the...
  15. Depreciation of the 2025 Taycan

    Lays potato chips "Bet you can't just eat one". Porsche "Bet you can't just buy the base model".
  16. Depreciation of the 2025 Taycan

    Love it. Should come with the purchase of every new car. The cost of fun. Financing extra.
  17. Depreciation of the 2025 Taycan

    Perfect metaphor for owning a Porsche. It's vanity. Can't conflate vanity with economics.
  18. Depreciation of the 2025 Taycan

    You can add this to the pot also. Porsche is now a public company so the finance and marketing guys can easily end up calling the shots. Thank goodness the engineers are still building the cars. But at some point the directions come down, "well if we use some plastic here and some there we...
  19. Depreciation of the 2025 Taycan

    I would add an additional point. What is an out of warranty Taycan worth? Historically older Porsches had value because of a cadre of enthusiasts. I don't see where this is the case with Taycan's. You can buy a CPO, but the warranty is limited and these are expensive cars to repair. So...
  20. "It's better in every single way"

    I was just at the Porsche dealership this morning to get the summer tires put on and do a few recalls. Wandering around the showroom, they had one lone 2024 Taycan Turbo S. Short of the GT 3's, it was the best looking car in showroom. The Cayenne's and Macon's looked like trucks. Frick, I...