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  1. jkoya

    Christophorus magazine

    How long does our complimentary subscription to Christophorus magazine last ? This is my second Porsche and I didn't recieve the magazine when I bought my first Porsche in 1986. I've had other manufacturer's magazines last for the warranty period (Acura, VW) and one that lasted until I sold the...
  2. jkoya

    PSA - Beware of TPMSdirect

    I bought a set of TPMS for my new Signature Wheels last December 2022 from 3 of 4 are being flagged by the Taycan as TPMS battery low. I've emailed TPMSdirect Customer Service for help several times and crickets !! Beware if you are thinking of placing an order with them...
  3. jkoya

    How do I turn off the radio without the keyfob ?

    Someone please educate me...... I didn't have the keyfob on me while cleaning the display screens of the Taycan. The audio system turned on and I couldn't figure how to shut if off. I pressed the power button on the display screen and the button to the left of the steering wheel, but just got a...
  4. jkoya

    Costco Member incentive for e-tron GT and e-tron GT RS

    I just got this email this morning on Costco's Audi incentives. I was surprised to see the e-tron GT and e-tron GT RS was included !
  5. jkoya

    Lotus Eletre Tour

    Anyone going to one of the Lotus Eletre Up Close and Personal Tours ? I got an invitation to register and attend, but it looks like all the locations are in the UK and I'm in Northern California. Oh well...