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  1. Leawood CT

    Porsche dealership just called for a recall

    The passenger compartment heaters are being replaced in all the Taycans via a rolling process as they have the new heaters. Their is an issue with the current heaters with some electronics in them frying. Your Taycan finally came up for its heater replacement, which is great. I had mine done a...
  2. Leawood CT

    Porsche NA delays reimbursement payment for charger replacement

    Turned in my receipt for payment to Porsche on 02/25 and received full payment today.
  3. Leawood CT

    Two year service

    I paid about $900 for two-year service a few weeks ago at Aristocrat Porsche in KC.
  4. Leawood CT

    Do NOT crack your panoramic glass!

    I am so sorry to hear this about your car. Also, very concerning on the cost. I hope you have your GTS back soon!
  5. Leawood CT

    2025 Frozen Blue Metallic Taycan color same as pre-refresh?

    Looks like a nice build. I have someone that lives close by to me that has Frozen Blue Metallic for their Taycan and it looks WAY better in person than what is shown in the configurator. The Taycan is a fairly wide car and I find having the Surround View is quite helpful. The Bose system I think...
  6. Leawood CT

    Something a bit more 911…

    I paid $1295 for mine plus the $140 for maps from Suncoast.
  7. Leawood CT

    Something a bit more 911…

    Agreed on the no-brainer on the replacement PCM. My dealer did warn me that it costs again about the same as the new PCM unit to install it. I guess it is a bit of hassle to get it put in and programmed.
  8. Leawood CT

    Something a bit more 911…

    Congrats on the 997.1!! You are going to love it. Mine is a 2008 997.1 in Artic Silver Metallic. I have had it since new and will not give it up. I absolutely love the thing. I added a Borla exhaust system and some 10mm wheel spacers to mine, but that is it. I have ordered the new generation...
  9. Leawood CT

    Teen Driver Rolls Taycan at 100 MPH

    I counted 12 rolls, although could have been more once it went off camera.
  10. Leawood CT

    Taycan Owner in Florida USA Sues Insurance Company

    I went to check out rates via Porsche insurance and found it is currently only available in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, and Texas. :confused: I also have Geico for my cars and rates have been going up with each renewal. I have never made a claim and zero infractions on my driving history. I...
  11. Leawood CT

    Found 2nd time chipmunk or red squirrel droppings in battery department. Repellents?

    I had this happen with a mouse to my Aston Martin while it sat during the winter months. $5k in damage. I literally surrounded the car with snap traps and took out all the little monsters. Never had an issue again. Another item I put in my garage permanently was the following:
  12. Leawood CT

    Porsche Connect Ending

    My Connect subscription will be ending at the end of the year. My thought was to let it expire and see, for a couple of months I suppose, if I can live without it. If not, then it is easy enough to just reactivate it.
  13. Leawood CT

    Mold inside rear light

    That should definitely not be happening. It seems like that part is compromised and should be replaced under warranty. I would take it to your dealer and make the case for having it replaced.
  14. Leawood CT

    Official: "The Most Dynamic Taycan of All Time" debuts March 11

    I was thinking the same thing. Perhaps a little overzealous by the Porsche marketing machine. :rolleyes:
  15. Leawood CT

    Taycan no longer - long live Taycan

    This. Sports are always better when blimps are involved!
  16. Leawood CT

    Taycan no longer - long live Taycan

    Good luck to you Dave! I, like many have already said, will be interested to see how things go with your Macan. I think one day in the not to distant future it is where I will end up too. I know you said you are not going away from the forum (good!!), but I suppose this is a good time to say...
  17. Leawood CT

    What do these markings mean on my EVSE charging cable?

    Well, I learn something new everyday because I assumed cable insulations would breakdown due to a softening from the oil exposure. :confused:
  18. Leawood CT

    What do these markings mean on my EVSE charging cable?

    It means @Jhenson29, OH MY GOD I can't believe you knew all that!
  19. Leawood CT

    Charger Recall Campaign - How to apply for your voucher/check

    Submitted mine on 02/25 and did receive a confirmation email. I got the ChargePoint Home Flex 6-50 Plug.
  20. Leawood CT

    Recall WPS9 -- Does anyone know what this does and why?

    I am having WPS9 done today along with hv heater replacement, although my heater has been working just fine. If I am given any additional info than referenced above I will post it. On a positive note, I called this past Thursday after having been notified by Porsche that my number was up for the...