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  1. Torv

    Charger Question

    I would buy the Tesla wall charger as they are the least expensive I’ve seen and work perfectly. I had a Model S before my Taycan and have used my Tesla wall charger (with adapter) for a couple of years now with zero issues. As for mounting it, consult a qualified electrician. he will answer...
  2. Torv

    New owner questions….

    I traded my Model S for a Taycan 4S and I couldn't be happier. Outside of true OTA software updates and Tesla’s Supercharger network, there's nothing that the Tesla has over the Taycan. Fit and finish are orders of magnitude better. Handling is incomparable. Driving comfort is superior and...
  3. Torv

    Submarine Taycan in flood waters

    I’m impressed!
  4. Torv

    Porsche NA delays reimbursement payment for charger replacement

    Sorry if this is redundant, but I completely missed the boat on this. How is a claim regarding the charger submitted? Is it through the dealer or via the My Porsche web page? If it’s the latter, then I can’t find it.
  5. Torv

    Teen Driver Rolls Taycan at 100 MPH

    In any case, I'll bet she's grounded for at least a week!
  6. Torv

    Teen Driver Rolls Taycan at 100 MPH

    Also, I wonder if the car’s owner is a member of our esteemed forum. Bueller? Bueller?
  7. Torv

    Teen Driver Rolls Taycan at 100 MPH

    And the cannabis outlet!
  8. Torv

    Damage to Battery shell

    Any chance this could be covered by insurance since its road damage?
  9. Torv

    Teen Driver Rolls Taycan at 100 MPH

    Now, I don't know about you all, but there's no way I’d let my teenager drive my Taycan with their friends at 4 AM or anytime, come to think of it.
  10. Torv

    Brake replacement for 2020 Taycan 4S

    How many miles is on your car? Do you tear ass around town or the track? My understanding is that you should get at least 60K miles out of the factory brakes.
  11. Torv

    selling a taycan

    I'd recommend Bring-a-Trailer. The buyer pays the fee:
  12. Torv

    First ski trip with CT4

    How did the cold impact your range? What kind of range degradation did you experience?
  13. Torv

    "Electrify America - Charging into 2024: a Snapshot of 2023" - Infographic

    An interesting article detailing EV charging woes in California and the lack of regulatory oversight:
  14. Torv

    Recall: Power Outlet May Cause Charging Cable to Overheat (20-24) APB6 - December 13, 2023

    I got the same recall regarding my wife’s Audi Q4.
  15. Torv

    "Electrify America - Charging into 2024: a Snapshot of 2023" - Infographic

    All irony aside and on a related note, maybe, just maybe, legal and political pressure might motivate EA to get their act together.
  16. Torv

    How many would buy again?

    I don't care a rat’s ass about my Taycan’s depreciation because I'm never going to sell it. I love my car! Honestly, it's nearly perfect, the only flaw being the inconvenience of EA’s massive pain-in-the-ass charging infrastructure on road trips, which frankly don't come that often as I charge...
  17. Torv

    New software update coming? Anyone?

    How about free? My iPhone includes all updates, the same with my MacBookPro and countless other devices I own. Shit, we spent over $100k - $200K for our Cars. The least Porsche could do is include free software updates for as long as the cars are operational and technically capable of...