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  1. ron_b

    Mark Webber delivers Taycan surprise - Porsche Newsroom

    How about Mark stops by your house to take you for a test drive of a Taycan while you are waiting for delivery? What special treatment those folks down under get. Pretty funny expressions when Mark mentions he was a race car driver in a past life. Even more interesting to me is the fact that...
  2. ron_b

    How many launch controls have you done in a Taycan

    How funny, I was to hesitant to even consider taking my wife out for some Launch Control tests. I did take my two boys as well. They were impressed. Only done 3 with my own car. I did do 8 or so at the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles when I picked up my car. Could only get to about...
  3. ron_b

    Manual Charging Door Cannot Be Fully Closed - Latch Inoperable

    @AJDiBianca you know the car has a sophisticated interlock that prevents one charging door from being opened when the other door is opened. I'm assuming that this door is not closing because it thinks it's holding it locked while the other door it believes is open. Can you examine that door...
  4. ron_b

    Please Welcome Stealth

    I did get the callback today with an apology for their delayed voicemail system. After explaining my problem he thought as I do really that it was a momentary glitch. And I do have an appointment for March 9th, when I asked about the software update that's coming he mentioned it was probably...
  5. ron_b

    Please Welcome Stealth

    Yes, I really like it also. On a quiet back road at 10pm with triple digits and night vision to assist for another second or so notice in case of a deer.
  6. ron_b

    Please Welcome Stealth

    Actually I was waiting for a call back today. I will be more persistent tomorrow. Thank you for the encouragement Chris. I did drive it again today, no issues.
  7. ron_b

    Location! Location! Location! Post Artistic Photos of Your Taycan with Scenery

    Wow @thenaimis, it's like a snow leopard. Beautiful shot.
  8. ron_b

    Please Welcome Stealth

    Thank you Doc. I am thinking it's software. My milage is now just over 6000 miles in 3 months.
  9. ron_b

    Please Welcome Stealth

    I just wanted to say something after watching two Taycan Cross Turismo videos and hearing about functionality with bikes. This last weekend my son and I took two mountain bikes in the back of the Taycan 4S. Had to remove front wheels and put down two packing blankets to protect the carpet...
  10. ron_b

    Please Welcome Stealth

    Well so much for Stealth being unscathed by the frightening error codes. This evening after driving just 7 miles and stopping to shop for about 45min. Returning to car and unable to put into drive. Right dial initially shows info screen then changes to “Electrical system error - Service...
  11. ron_b

    2021 Porsche Taycan Important Charging Planner Updates & How it Helps You Optimize Your Long Trips!! - Pcarwhisperer

    A pretty decent review of the 2021 user interface changes for the Porsche Charging Planner by Mason Gilcrest. When these updates appear on my 2020 I will turn that feature back on and give it a try. 2021 Porsche Taycan Important Charging Planner Updates & How it Helps You Optimize Your Long...
  12. ron_b

    Trunk close & lock button does not close the trunk

    I have never noticed this problem and I use the clothes and lock button 90% of the time. I have a 2020 Taycan 4S in USA. I have had it stop several times with the beep because of items that it thought were too close, sometimes it was correct and other times it was overly pessimistic and I would...
  13. ron_b

    Back seats 2+1

    We are usually a family of three and that two plus one allows my son to store the wipes purse in the trunk without it being visible and without dropping a whole seat section. Also allows easy access to the trunk for rear passengers to grab snacks or whatever you may store back there out of the...
  14. ron_b

    VW considering Porsche IPO / spinoff

    Do you really think that would happen? The Porsche family owns the majority of shares of VW. I don't see them letting loose of the most profitable division in the group. I would assume this is just for investment growth. The one thing that does seem interesting is how will Porsche and Audi...
  15. ron_b

    Weird 60kWh charging at 350 & 150

    Interesting, I did get that feature BTW; however, I do disable all of its adding of charging stations as it's too conservative for me and also picks bad locations in my opinion. I am hoping this will improve in time and I will then use it more.
  16. ron_b


    Now now David, I don't think you need to be so negative with the "if", I'm sure it's only a when. They can't provide a date because they don't understand the problem yet.
  17. ron_b

    Weird 60kWh charging at 350 & 150

    Ahh, as I was thinking. Well I think the information we need is the experience of other Taycan drivers in such conditions. Sorry I cannot help there, it very rarely gets to 32 where I am.
  18. ron_b

    Range Mode Speed Limiting Issue

    Well I think Range Mode is much more significant on a Porsche than the software only solution that Tesla provides. On the Porsche it uses the front wheel motor only at a higher speed when you are not performing a strong acceleration and not breaking. And as the Porsche has a rear transmission it...
  19. ron_b

    Weird 60kWh charging at 350 & 150

    Great you are aware, also I saw you posted the battery was only at 60F, which seems very odd if you've driven on a freeway as my battery will generally be heated to 75F when driving 65 and driving 80 will bring it over 80F. May I ask what the outside temperature was during your tests where you...
  20. ron_b


    Yes if it has to go through the server then it can be quite slow and also then only work in areas where both the car and your cell phone have service. The Chevy Bolt has this feature as well called keypass and it uses the internet if you are not in range and will use Bluetooth if you are near...