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  1. [Location Suggestion] - 1st Annual early spring Bay Area Taycan fest…March 20th, 2021

    I'll be there! @Dak, I usually am at Los Gatos Manresa at 8am on Sat (line is really short then)! Maybe I'll move over to 9. Will you be there this saturday?
  2. Location! Location! Location! Post Artistic Photos of Your Taycan with Scenery

    The pics never do reality justice. There is just something about the view out the front with the curves of the car. (I was parked when I took this, not driving).
  3. Taycan outperforms EPA range estimate by the widest margin in Edmunds EV Range and Consumption Test Latest Highlights Porsche Taycan outperforms its EPA range estimate by the widest margin Every Tesla we've tested has failed to hit its EPA range estimate There are four EVs in Edmunds' 300-mile club...
  4. Another World Record for Taycan: Sets Indoor Speed Record @ 102 MPH

    He may say that, but that would just show he is uninformed. If he watches the video, he would see that this is a Guinness world record category that has been unbroken for seven years. He had plenty of time to try with the S or the 2020 Roadster or the Plaid which is coming out in summer of 2020.
  5. Porshe service center charging to reset alerts / brand new MY2021

    Yes, it is reasonable. It was caused by something someone else did to the car. It is not just resetting an alert, it is re-programming mirrors to sync with the car so can do the lane change assist (or something like that). I had the same issue and the company that did the wrap paid for this...
  6. California Carpool stickers

    I applied in first week of January and they haven't even cashed my check yet. I am not sure if they are behind or it is the post office (a friend just got a Christmas card that I sent two weeks before Christmas).
  7. Are You New to the Porsche Brand and EVs?

    Bump With more new taycan owners here, I thought I would bump this to encourage others to participate Thanks!
  8. 19” rims on Taycan - reasons to choose them

    with @SYN_Skydance encouragement, I gave it a try. I am a complete noob but also a bit OCD, so I was not looking forward to it. What I eventually realized is that unless I am inches away from the wheel, I don't notice the imperfections (of not a perfect cut or something like that) anyway...
  9. 2020 Taycan Turbo S results from Car and Driver Lightning Lap 2021

    Lightning Lap Competition Overview: Taycan results: 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S at Lightning Lap 2021 The Taycan marks a watershed...
  10. Did plug and charge just work???

    My understanding is the 2020s have this as a capability (you can see in the EA app it says "Plug and Charge enabled" when you look at car profile. What is needed is that the charging stations itself is enabled/upgraded, and they are in the process of rolling out those changes. That is from a...
  11. S/W Update

    people speculated and hoped that it would be here in January with the new model year being done, but i don’t remember it being promised by anyone who could make those promises. my communications with NA and Europe only had them say they are working on things and have neither a date nor...
  12. Navigation just got so much better! A better Route Planner just released their new version 4.0.35 for iOS

    Apparently you need to be a premium member to use this. "Do note that a premium subscription will be required to use this feature, but you may of course do so with the 14 day trial as well. The trial is NOT available through the app store but you may sign up and receive it using the web portal"
  13. Dash cams

    The new Blackvue has an adjustable battery cutoff - so if it sees the battery falling below 12.5 volts (for example) it will electrically disconnect. GIven that, I wouldn't see it as contributing much to any potential 12v issue.
  14. Charging speed not slowing down at 90% SOC when using a 50kwh DC charger.

    could you explain that a bit more? I get what you are saying and I have heard it before, but I don’t understand the engineering/physics of it. for example, why is it worse to charge from 85 to 95 at 100kw than it is to charge from 50 to 60 at 100kw. naively, to me it seems that it is the same...
  15. Dashcam available via mobile data? #2

    Have you looked into the BlackVue their Power Magic Ultra battery which you can use as a powerbank described? That is what I am looking at getting, especially since you can charge it with the 12v plug in the trunk.
  16. My Porsche Taycan Turbo configuration- HELP!!!

    Passenger Display. FYI, in the next version of the Apple Pay (i think already available on the 2021), it will allow the passenger to get the lyrics of the song playing showing on the screen, CarPlay Karaoke. I think it is a cool feature if you do longer roadtrips with a passenger...
  17. Hi , question , my car won’t charge over 100kw even on fairly warm battery .

    If your starting battery charge is 55%, then that may not be unusual. Normally, the higher rate of charge is for much lower battery charge which then tapers off as the battery gets filled.
  18. One way in which a Hyundai EV beats a Porsche Taycan

    unless resetting the battery also recharges the battery, I don't see why this is relevant to any discussion about the Taycan.
  19. CARMINE RED Taycan Club

    The colors are so much better on my iphone than what shows up here, but here.