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  1. Vim Schrotnock

    Is $157K MSRP too much for 4S

    I agree on the brakes - much $'s saved for no performance loss. I debadged because I don't like the extra lettering - makes the car cleaner looking and easier to clean.:clap:
  2. Vim Schrotnock

    A thought about Porsche pricing

    Yes, the Porsche pricing is ridiculous. That's about it. I don't think you'll find a lot of people that disagree. You need to accept this if you're going to buy a Porsche... You're going to the high-rent district and sure you can complain about the rent and what they charge for a balcony or...
  3. Vim Schrotnock

    254 miles real-world range at 75 mph around freezing

    Nobody is talking about the BIG contributor to mileage... THE MANUAL COVER FOR THE CHARGING PORT!!! I'm sure you would be under 200 miles if you had the electronic cover.:facepalm:
  4. Vim Schrotnock

    Tesla Model S Plaid+ on the website for configuration

    I have the greatest respect for Tesla and what Musk has done. I don't think we'd be enjoying the greatest EV ever made if it weren't for Tesla and the success they have had. I do think the Tesla S is due for a new body style. While is it very attractive, it is not really 'eye catching' the...
  5. Vim Schrotnock

    Back seats 2+1

    OK, not to be too much of a stickler here, but can you give me a reasonably probable situation where you'd have 4 people in the car and need to stick something (4 sets of skis??) through the center 20%? I don't ever have a situation where I'm heading to Home Depot with 4 people in the car - ha...
  6. Vim Schrotnock

    Is the Taycan 4S lower front bumper wrappable?

    Same question here. I wanted to wrap the plastic and was told it would not stick unless sanded. Looks fantastic!:rock:
  7. Vim Schrotnock

    Best Practices for Charging?

    What about the Pizza delivery market for this car?? I see some major problems with people plugging in after returning from each delivery...
  8. Vim Schrotnock

    No more finger prints! - Idee Miller

    You can use the large TechArmor for iPad Pro and cut it out to match the entire surface. I did and it fit quite well. Just preferred the glossy to the matte.
  9. Vim Schrotnock

    What’s this space for?

    I don't have it either - just a 2 inch deep pocket. Wonder if it has anything to do with the Burmester?
  10. Vim Schrotnock

    Moving from a 911 to a Taycan?

    I would definitely agree that the 911 Turbo S is NOT a track car. It is an incredibly fast GT for the street. It is far faster than any of us need in a track car. You want a light, superb handling, relatively low horsepower car for the track - like the Cayman. You can get to the point of...
  11. Vim Schrotnock

    No more finger prints! - Idee Miller

    The TechArmor works great - I had it on my screen for a few weeks. I just preferred the glossy look to the matte with the protector, so I keep a small spray bottle of glass cleaner and a wipe in my console and I wipe the screen whenever the prints bother me.
  12. Vim Schrotnock

    Taycan outperforms EPA range estimate by the widest margin in Edmunds EV Range and Consumption Test

    Well, the most efficient possible conservation of energy is to coast. When you're coasting, you begin with a certain amount of kinetic energy. Rolling resistance and wind resistance subtract from that energy as you continue to coast. If you add-in a 'regeneration' feature, it's efficiency...
  13. Vim Schrotnock

    Moving from a 911 to a Taycan?

    I have to agree with this sentiment. I can't think of another car that combines the level of performance, luxury and practicality of the Taycan. In fact, nothing else even comes close. We've lived in the same house for over 30 years and aren't moving - therefore I get one garage spot...:(...
  14. Vim Schrotnock

    Taycan outperforms EPA range estimate by the widest margin in Edmunds EV Range and Consumption Test

    Wow! 4S better mileage than the Model S. Should have been 123 miles worse and it was 5 miles better. The Tesla numbers weren't far off, but the Taycan EPA numbers were not even in the same ballpark as actual. Maybe Porsche should re-certify the cars...🤔
  15. Vim Schrotnock

    Porsche Taycan Color Change Wrap And Graphics! - West Coast Supercars and Classics

    You've got the benefit of having a protective wrap on the car. Plus you get the benefit of having the full orange/blue livery. I'm partial to this of course...;)
  16. Vim Schrotnock

    Would you lease a Turbo S?

    I am certainly in the minority here, but I'm planning on keeping my Turbo S for 5-6 years. I've had a V10M5 (one of the first in Ohio) and drove it for over 100K miles, and a Panamera GTS (FIO as well) and drove that over 100K miles, and my Turbo S is one of the FIO as well. I have certainly...
  17. Vim Schrotnock

    Taycan GTS - Imagine the possibility!

    I'm going to guess it will be a AWD car based on the 4S with some $40K in options as standard, and a price of around $130K. standard will be bigger wheels/brakes, sport chrono, exterior bits such as sport design, bigger battery, all the basic performance options and special 'deviated' interior...
  18. Vim Schrotnock

    2021 Taycan RWD base model reviews are here!

    Yes, that could definitely be the case. I loved my Panamera GTS - lots of good stuff was standard.
  19. Vim Schrotnock

    2021 Taycan RWD base model reviews are here!

    Kind of hard to see what they would do to the GTS that would give it quicker lap times than the Turbo/Turbo S. Bigger, normally aspirated engine for better response...whoops. Also difficult to see what they would do to the suspension/steering/brakes that would make it better than the Turbo...
  20. Vim Schrotnock

    Taycan Turbo S vs. McLaren Senna DRAG RACE 😮

    Agree. The car started at 55% and ended at 37% so likely most of the comparo was done at less than 50% charge, which will reduce the power. The 10.87 he got at the end indicates significantly reduced power. Too bad someone didn't tell him about the charge/power curve.:confused: And I just...