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  1. Gogs

    Moving from a 911 to a Taycan?

    I had 911 4S, miss the noise, but that’s about it. The Taycan is definitely an upgrade on a 911.
  2. Gogs

    Uk Charging point Home Help!

    Blue 32Amp Commando Socket.
  3. Gogs

    100% charge showing 175 mile range

    Aberdeen temps. Cold and windy. Just did a trip north. Smooth runnings.
  4. Gogs

    Chalk interior....any issues with keeping clean and color transfer....

    Same here, all good after 7000 miles. I did protect it though and wipe down every second week.
  5. Gogs

    Charging target creeping up

    I’m seeing this as well. Always seems to be when a timer is set. It’s not worrying me but I dint quite understand why I set it at 85% and it charges to 87%.
  6. Gogs

    Trunk Lighting / Boot Lighting

    Yeah same, if there is an upgrade we need to get it! I’m forever using the torch on my phone. I’m going to take a look tomorrow and shall report back!
  7. Gogs

    CarPlay wifi ?

    Passenger seat!
  8. Gogs

    Model year 2020 wireless carplay

    Hi guys & girls, Updated the firmware today. All went well. Connected to car and worked first time. Drive a few trips snd everything seems fine, only once apple car play paused the track. But that has happened when cabled so probably a PCM bug. Cool device as I’ve got a iPhone 12 max now and...
  9. Gogs

    Anyone not using run flats?

    The tyre fixing kit, ruins the tyre, so no repair is possible after use. If I get a flat, I’ll be calling Porsche assistance.
  10. Gogs

    CarPlay wifi ?

    Thanks guys, I just ordered the adaptor as well.
  11. Gogs

    Standard tracker vs category 7 aftermarket

    in the UK you can leave the fobs in the car. Obviously the point is you remove from car but I’ve left mine in the car for weeks with no problem.
  12. Gogs

    Model year 2020 wireless carplay

    Thanks mate. Just ordered. Get it Tuesday.
  13. Gogs

    Instavolt Charging Hub - Banbury

    These chargers are great. Used them 4 times now. Perfect speed for charging.
  14. Gogs

    Model year 2020 wireless carplay

    So these definitely work? I’m in the uk, any UK users of this yet?
  15. Gogs

    UK Owners - 50kw CCS Electric Highway Chargers (ecotricity)

    Electrocity should be named Electroshitty. I’ll never ever think of using them again!
  16. Gogs

    Nice phone background image!

    You need to check your email!!
  17. Gogs

    Porsche Ionity card

    This drive up n charge function... is there a update for m20 cars?
  18. Gogs

    4S 93kW 100% range?

    I agree with frank. I just multiple the percent left by 2.5 miles.
  19. Gogs

    Unable to login with Porsche ID

    I can’t login since my 12 volt died. Logged a ticket... still waiting.
  20. Gogs

    Charging cable for AC 22 kW charger

    It will work, but get the 32Amp type 2.