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  1. Torv

    Enough Complaining, Let's talk about what we love about the Taycan and why we bought it.

    Nice Shot! What's THICC Mean? And for what it's worth, I went to USC too--MFA Cinema.
  2. Torv

    First Electrify America charging experience using 350kw charger

    I haven't yet taken delivery of my Taycan so I may have misunderstood from my research on this forum, but from what I understand you don't use Electrify America app to initiate the 3 years of free charging Taycan owners are entitled to. From the various threads on this forum I've learned that...
  3. Torv

    Would you lease a Turbo S?

    That seems like a high monthly to me. It works out to over $131K over 36 months. Add the $6500 drive off and the residual of $91K, you're into it for $228K which does not strike me as Walnut Creek doing you any favors to basically "rent" a car for 3 years with 0 equity.
  4. Torv

    Is $157K MSRP too much for 4S

    My two cents: I think you're missing some essentials and gilding the lily with expensive options that you don't really need and will not enhance the resale value of the Taycan 5 years hence. Specifically, I would delete the SportDesign package. At $10K, it's an expensive option that really...
  5. Torv

    Please Welcome Stealth

    Sorry for your hassles, but I gotta say I love the Night Vision assist. Super glad I've ordered it for mine after seeing this on yours.
  6. Torv

    Comment by 'Torv' in item 'Cherry Metallic almost delivered'

    Totally psyched because I've ordered mine, which comes in May, exactly the same as yours, wheels and all. Looks fantastic, frankly better than the Carmine Red and matches my 1997 Arena Red 911S. Beautiful stablemates!!
  7. Torv

    Base Taycan...will it feel slow?

    On the other hand, there's this review to consider:
  8. Torv

    Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    I was worried precisely about this problem. I posted this a couple of days ago: And I literally just read this moments ago...
  9. Torv

    Base Taycan...will it feel slow?

    In December, before the release of the base Taycan, I ordered a Taycan 4S and optioned it to about $138K. Based upon my test drive, it's wicked fast, and I do not regret ordering it as I frankly don't want to delay my delivery any more than I ought to for this car--I want it that bad. That...
  10. Torv

    Ordered 4S in December, still no freeze date

    Like you, I ordered my Taycan 4S in December. My freeze date is in 9 hours! Delivery scheduled for May 7. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. Very unbecoming for a man my age.....
  11. Torv

    Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Nothing wrong with Carmine Red. I would have gone for that, but then the Cherry Red came out which kind of matches my 1997 Arena Red 911S. Hence, I was hooked.
  12. Torv

    Global Semiconductor Shortage Affecting Production Porsche Chief Says

    I sure hope this doesn't change my Taycan 4S delivery date.
  13. Torv

    Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Howdy. To answer the question, no. The Cherry Red is an $800 color upgrade on the Porsche configurator website. Fourth color from the left under metallic paint options...
  14. Torv

    Taycan Cross Turismo will have a CUV mode and ride higher than Taycan

    This particular photo kind of makes it look like the hearse in the film “Harold & Maude”. To my point:
  15. Torv

    More than 30 days in the shop - Advice requested

    Absolutely get a loaner from them. It's pretty unconscionable to keep a car in the shop for 30 days without any compensation. Have them throw a 911 your way for the hassle! And definitely contact Porsche USA to get them on the case. Finally, good thinking about the Lemon Law--that may be...
  16. Torv

    Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Boy, you went to town with that configuration! I did pretty much the same with the HUD and the Night Vision though no Burmester on a Cherry Red 4S through Porsche Burlingame. Got a great deal too! Mine comes May 7 (hopefully).
  17. Torv

    Ordering a new Taycan from out of state?

    Actually, I think this is a great solution, and totally worth the extra $500 regardless of where you live in California. Road trip!
  18. Torv

    Tell me about Launch control please?

    Good idea! As don't pull this boneheaded move:
  19. Torv

    Rear Axle Steering

    I ordered the rear axel sterring with mine. From what I've read, it's essential for tight maneuvering like parking, but also dramatically increases the car’s handling at speed. Go for it!