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  1. rbt3

    First Electrify America charging experience using 350kw charger

    Thanks ChrisK for the info. I tried using the Porsche Connect app when I first plugged in and had no luck, no prompts or anything. I did not try the Charging NA app, but I have now linked it to my Porsche Connect account also. The EA app worked fine and I guess I'll eat the first $9.89 that I...
  2. rbt3

    First Electrify America charging experience using 350kw charger

    Unsure of my battery temp, but outside temp was 55 degrees F.
  3. rbt3

    First Electrify America charging experience using 350kw charger

    Tried the EA 350kw charger for the first time this morning. Pulled in with around 65% SOC and left after 20 minutes at 87% SOC. Max charge speed was 75kw, maybe because I was already pretty full at the start? Used the EA app on my phone to start the session, charges showed on the screen, not...
  4. rbt3

    Enough Complaining, Let's talk about what we love about the Taycan and why we bought it.

    I bought the car because I am a firm believer that EV's are better in every way than ICE vehicles as far as safety, driving dynamics, pleasure to drive, and reducing effects on climate change. I specifically bought the Taycan 4S as I have always been a fan of Porsche (owned Panamera 4S, Cayenne...
  5. rbt3

    Is 12V dead battery issue tied to PMCC and using profiles and timers?

    Thanks ChrisK, exactly what my dealer was telling me, wonder why they didn't give me this bulletin info.? It would have made me understand what was going on a little more. I guess I'll keep charging as I do currently, no problems since I stopped using profiles and timers. I use the app still to...
  6. rbt3

    Is 12V dead battery issue tied to PMCC and using profiles and timers?

    I have had the dreaded 12V dead battery issue happen to my 4S, and the dealer took my PMCC and deleted all profiles and timers and told me not to use them as the communication between the car and the PMCC may have caused the problem? I have done what they said since the issue occurred and have...
  7. rbt3

    Mark Webber delivers Taycan surprise - Porsche Newsroom

    Wow! Those are some lucky new owners, what a blast this would be to have MW deliver your car and take you to a track day! Porsche marketing can be pretty special. Thanks for sharing!
  8. rbt3

    Base Taycan...will it feel slow?

    This was a really good review and his speed on these roads was still scary fast in the slowest Taycan you can buy. I think a lot of people will be surprised at how fast and how much fun the base Taycan can be. I love my 4S and it is much faster than I need and really fun to drive. I have driven...
  9. rbt3

    The 4S is back after full colour coding and PPS!

    I'm not usually a fan of black cars, but your car is absolutely stunning! They did a great job on the paint and detail work. That is definitely a car you have to stay on top of keeping it clean! The wheels look great with your black glossy paint too. Enjoy!
  10. rbt3

    Upgrade owners : trade-in price?

    I just read a report of the new Bugatti 1600-hp special edition that costs $9.6 million, your Turbo S is just as fast from 0-60. Article quoted 2.4 seconds for the Bugatti Centodieci, only 10 of which will be produced. Exclusivity comes at pretty steep prices these days. Most important thing is...
  11. rbt3

    Upgrade owners : trade-in price?

    The price difference between the 4S and Turbo is at least $50,000, add on at least $15-20,000 depreciation hit and doesn't sound like much of an "upgrade" to me for 1 second faster 0-60mph and less range. I'm happily sticking with my 3.4 second 0-60mph Taycan 4S that gets 275+ miles of useable...
  12. rbt3

    2021 Taycan RWD base model reviews are here!

    These reviews are pretty much what one would expect based on the specs of the base Taycan. Still a beautiful car that drives and handles and brakes great, but slower and less thrilling power than its big brothers. If you can live with 1-1.5 seconds slower 0-60mph and quarter mile times, this is...
  13. rbt3

    Car and Driver Tested: 2020 Taycan 4S Shines as a Driver's EV. Instrument Tested Performance Figures

    I am very pleased with the performance of this car, and these numbers back up my "seat of the pants" thoughts when I drive it. It feels very quick, agile, nimble, and effortlessly fast. 3.4 seconds 0-60 and 1.06G skidpad results were supercar numbers just a few years ago! The 4S will be plenty...
  14. rbt3

    Tesla Model S Plaid+ on the website for configuration

    I am very happy we have many more choices of great and not so great cars in the EV space. I have owned many different Porsche and Tesla cars, and can say without a doubt they are both very enjoyable. It is perfectly acceptable to like both cars and also acceptable to like one more or less than...
  15. rbt3

    Tesla Model S Plaid+ on the website for configuration

    Tesla lists some pretty amazing performance numbers for Plaid+ Model S: 520 mile range 0-60 mph in 1.99 seconds 1/4 mile time at 9.23 seconds and 155mph Cd of 0.208 Base price around $139k New interior with Roadster style steering wheel and Model 3/Y dashboard, new 17 inch screen centrally...
  16. rbt3

    Charge Port Cover - Increased Drag

    The difference in drag coefficient should only really affect range during highway driving, and I am also skeptical that it is a true figure (0.22 Cd to 0.25Cd reduction?). Tire/wheel size/rotational weight and speed/acceleration that you drive are far greater determinants of range in the real...
  17. rbt3

    Base Taycan...will it feel slow?

    I think that the acceleration "feel" is always better and feels quicker in an EV as compared to my ICE cars previously owned. Mainly due to the seamless torque and one or two speed transmission with no loss of torque and acceleration from 0-60 and beyond. I have a long range Tesla Model Y with...
  18. rbt3

    I had my 4S for 3 weeks, and now I am replacing it!

    I have owned a Tesla P85D and a Tesla P100D Ludicrous, currently driving a Taycan 4S. I bought the fastest and most loaded Tesla available both times and decided after driving the Taycan Turbo S and the Taycan 4S to go with the 4S for a couple of reasons. The cost is not a little cheaper in the...
  19. rbt3

    Is it worth getting the car ceramic coated ?

    My detail is chronicled in a YouTube video under, it shows the PPF applied to the front of the car and the ceramic coating work done. It was posted on Youtube about 2 months ago. I used Gloss-It Detail Studios here in Las Vegas, the owner Richard did a fantastic job and I...
  20. rbt3

    would you buy taycan if it wasn't electric ?

    I have used my Tesla's for road trips with no issues at all, great Supercharger network and pretty fast charging with fairly long range, almost 300 miles. It was also free to use for my first 8 years, so "free fuel" made the 30 minute wait to charge worth it on road trips. You do need to plan a...