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  1. Aftermarket softclose doors?

    Maybe for if you don't like your thumb...
  2. In case of emergency

    I'm not sure if this is what you're asking, but the battery pack is "waterproof".
  3. Rear Axle Steering

    I have RAS and don't have this problem at all. Did you modify you car? Also, I have never heard anyone say "it's double wishbone unfortunately" before. Seriously. Also, the rear suspension is in fact multilink (although set up similarly to double wishbone).
  4. Side mirror removal (to replace with carbon fiber mirrors)?

    I've heard someone say that before but that sounds weird. Isn't the sensor in the rear bumper corner? I've not only removed but replaced the side mirrors on my Macan with LCA with no issues.
  5. metal roof?

    I wish Porsche had a carbon fiber roof like the e-tron GT.
  6. Best Practices for Charging?

    No I agree with you and in another thread posted some other Porsche fine print that said 80%.
  7. Removing console lid?

    I don’t know but I came here expecting that you were tired of a lid that couldn’t stay up so you were just going to remove the whole thing
  8. Rear Axle Steering

    Perfect, you missed MY point entirely. The percentage the turning circle is reduced is also 10 (%). Who cares if the rear wheel turns a lot more if it’s only giving you an extra 3% and it’s still way worse than a Taycan?
  9. RWD Taycan

    I can't say for Taycan but on the Macan all the Porsche driving instructors swore that the air suspension makes for a better handling car. Also air suspension will probably result in LESS power used because it's more aerodynamic when lowered.
  10. Video: Engineering Comfort and Space in the Taycan Cross Turismo

    These marketing fluff pieces are completely detached from reality. I remember at the same time I was waiting weeks for a part (which they first shipped the wrong one of) there happened to be an article in the Porsche magazine about their amazing parts logistics and how they ship next day to...
  11. Rear Axle Steering

    Someone (maybe you!) keeps on bringing up the S-class. True, they managed to reduce their turning circle by 10% (from '20 to '21 MY) whereas RAS on the Taycan reduces it by only 7%. However, that 10% reduction on the S-class gets it to the same turning circle as... a Taycan without RAS. LOL...
  12. Why is launch control superior to simply smashing one's foot on the accelerator?

    With a Model S, it preheats the battery, changes the stance, etc. With a Taycan, who knows, I suspect it's a marketing thing to parallel ICE vehicles. But maybe there actually is something technical like charging up a (flux) capacitor. I really wish someone would ask someone at Porsche and...
  13. Etron GT prices (Brochure)

    Wait, Audi has a carbon fiber roof option but Porsche doesn't???
  14. Electric shock

    I have no connection to this company but it seems relevant:
  15. Signal Booster Connection with TMobile

    I don't know what you're talking about either. My understanding is that the signal is just physically repeated to the wireless charging slot area in the armrest. I have T-Mobile and it works for me without registering anything. I even have the insulated glass. Edit: on another website (for...
  16. Anyone get a 2021 Taycan auto-recognized when using an Electrify America charging station?

    I can confirm this worked for me. But the first plug didn’t work, had to use the second one on the charger.
  17. Rear Axle Steering

    I was on the fence but ended up getting it and it's THE best option I chose. I notice it all the time. You don't get a Taycan because you want the same old experience.