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  1. jimshadow

    @Porsche issues with buying a used Taycan off Lease

    Getting closer....Got a GREAT gal at the BMV this morning who was extremely helpful. PCNA has to sign 2 Affidavits (Title Correction and an official Indiana Odometer Statement) and I should be good to go as far as getting the title in my name/paying taxes/etc..... Waiting to hear back from...
  2. jimshadow

    @Porsche issues with buying a used Taycan off Lease

    UPDATE: (MORE FRUSTRATION). Title finally arrived on Wednesday this week. (Yesterday). 11 days Delayed by the weather of the previous week I guess. UNFORTUNATELY, PCNA screwed it up. They showed that the previous owner PAID OFF the car, even though it was clearly paid off via my check...
  3. jimshadow

    2020 Taycan 4S Risks?

    I have an early build MY2020 4S with full leather and upgraded battery. It was delivered to the original owner in April 2020. NO issues to date and no rattles. I do not use the APP as I do not have the title to the car yet (That’s an entirely separate issue). No 12V issues, although the car...
  4. jimshadow

    @Porsche issues with buying a used Taycan off Lease

    UPDATE: Title FINALLY arrived at PCNA on Thursday. Got a call from our contact there and it is being overnighted on Monday to me. I’ll then have to have to have the original owner sign off on it so I can make my purchase “official”. Hopefully this is the last of this frustration and now I...
  5. jimshadow

    Clicking Sound From the Rear

    Past couple evenings when I get home I’ve noticed a rhythmic clicking sound coming from the rear right (drivers side) wheel well area. Tonight, I plugged the car in after being home for a few hours and there it was again. I DO have a ‘suspension error‘ light that has come on several times...
  6. jimshadow

    Driving shoes

    so many choices......Piloti, Ferragamo, Tod’ name 3 great ones off the top of my head. If you like Moccasins, there’s Minnetonka. Clark’s, Puma and the list goes on....
  7. jimshadow

    WeatherTech Floor Mats in 2021 Taycan

    LOVE my WeatherTech mats. They fit PERFECTLY! Plus, as was mentioned earlier, they contain a significant amount of water/debris vs. the rubber Porsche mats, which are very nice but depending on where you live, they may not be optimal.
  8. jimshadow

    Is it worth getting the car ceramic coated ?

    My 4S has a full front clip Xpel wrap and CeramicPro. The prior owner did it himself and there are some spots on the car that look hazy. That happens when you don’t take your time. The car is goiNG to be polished (wet sanded) in the spring and we will have a ceramic coating reappplied by a...
  9. jimshadow

    SPORT mode all the time?

    I drive in Sport Plus with the car lowered most of the time. Moved it to Sport with a little dusting of snow last week, then to Normal when my wife was riding with me to dinner...otherwise back to Sport Plus..The earlier post got me thinking as I also have a 4S w/o Sport Chrono and my...
  10. jimshadow

    would you buy taycan if it wasn't electric ?

    My Taycan came from 2 events that happened on the same day......A buddy asked me to sell my Panamera to him (it subsequently fell through and is on consignment down the road) and I sat next to the recently retired local PCar salesman who had leased a Taycan in April only to retire and start a...
  11. jimshadow

    Road Trip Question

    @daveo4EV , did you find those on the Plugshare app? I don’t see them listed, but good to know that they are there. I know the MadBoar well! :) Jim
  12. jimshadow

    Road Trip Question

    Thanks @daveo4EV ! I’ll order the TeslaTap for sure.
  13. jimshadow

    Road Trip Question

    Thanks! I’ve been looking at Plugshare. Looks like I’m going to have an issue once I get to Wallace NC. THere’s a bank of 8 Tesla Superchargers at the hotel that we stay at, however, there are none that I can use in the Taycan and it looks like there are no other ones in the area. Might...
  14. jimshadow

    Road Trip Question

    Been reading today about road tripping and just came across @evanevery’s post here: I take a golf trip from Indiana to North Carolina twice a year. Really want...
  15. jimshadow

    @Porsche issues with buying a used Taycan off Lease

    Christmas Eve Update.....STILL no word on the title and Porsche Customer Service is HORRIBLE. (i talk to them about every other day). They are very nice on the phone, but there’s nobody there who will “advocate” for the customer. I’m just another number in the queue. Frustrating as hell...
  16. jimshadow

    @Porsche issues with buying a used Taycan off Lease

    I “bought“ (or so I thought) my 4s on November 11th from a local gent who leased it back in May. He needed to get out of it due to starting a business, so I picked it up at a great price. Wired the $ along with the required documents to Porsche Financial and they acknowledged the wire. Told...
  17. jimshadow

    Show your home charging setup for your Taycan

    Yes, Home Depot. Jim
  18. jimshadow

    Show your home charging setup for your Taycan

    Outlet swapped to NEMA 14-50 @ 30Amps yesterday. Charged the (new to me) Taycan from 20% to 100% in about 7.5hrs. I'll evaluate whether I want to bump up to 50 Amps over time. Mounted the charging unit this evening. Ready to roll now! Jim
  19. jimshadow

    New Member-Soon be Owner

    Well, the car is in my garage but its not quite mine yet. (Current owner wanted to make some room in his garage so I'm housing it until the deal is done) Have to finalize the payoff to Porsche Financial, get the title and transfer ownership to me. Hopefully, Porsche can help me get the car...