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    Enough Complaining, Let's talk about what we love about the Taycan and why we bought it.

    It was a Hellcat Charger. The Taycan feels faster and it is on the regular streets as ICE cars with that much HP for the most part cant get that instant power and traction too. Now haven taken both to the drag strip, yes, the Hellcat is faster, but takes more discipline to launch right. Taycan...

    Enough Complaining, Let's talk about what we love about the Taycan and why we bought it.

    I’ve owned my 4s just over a month now. I’ve put about 1300 miles on it! I LOVE DRIVING THIS VEHICLE!! The way it handles, the way it looks, i just am all in on it. THis is my first Porsche and my first EV and both aspects are just amazing. I was in line for a Tesla Plaid, but am so glad i made...

    Base Taycan...will it feel slow?

    Was just going to post this video. This is a very good review from a good reviewer who has driven all levels of the Taycan.

    NAV offering bad routings

    I noticed the same as well. We have a usual route we take to Florida from here that is on backroads, and more fun, and will take us to a plenty good charger, but the Nav constantly tries to route me via highway and longer routes. I can’t find any option saying avoid backroads (wouldn’t that be...

    2020 Taycan 4S Risks?

    I’ve only had my 2020 4S a month and no problems so far. The app has worked with no real issues, other than it being a poor app. No problems charging at home with the profile and I charged once from and EA charger and had no problems activating it and running the charge. I plan to do a couple...

    Car and Driver Tested: 2020 Taycan 4S Shines as a Driver's EV. Instrument Tested Performance Figures

    Our 1/8 mile drag strip is scheduled to be open Sunday, and if the weather cooperates, I hope to see what those numbers are for myself with my 4S. I’ll share if there is interest.

    Against a Mustang GT

    I’m coming from a Hellcat Charger with over 800hp at the crank and the acceleration in the 4S is STILL surprisingly fast and feels like plenty. Muscle cars with lots of HP always have issues with traction and have to get in the right power band for them to go full blast. The instant torque on...

    I can now relate to the settings frustration

    Nice! Yeah, I programmed the buttons to do Homelink and to turn the electric sound off and on. I’ve always got my media up on the screen by default, so i skip there but i do feel your frustration on many of these. You can’t change the by default for the regen or electric sound unfortunately...

    Playing movies on passenger screen?

    There is a hack for the main screen, I dont know if it can be applied to the passenger, but logic would suggest that it could.

    Taycan outperforms EPA range estimate by the widest margin in Edmunds EV Range and Consumption Test

    Hell, that 280 -290 sounds outstanding, especially compared to the real world numbers of Teslas Tested. They explain in the article how they got those numbers, but they also point out many factors can influence range and their numbers are no more accurate than EPA. Just to use a data point for...

    Big idiots at large !

    There guys are obviously idiots. Dont help them out by giving their video views. Read the article if you like, that someone posted, but dont watch the youtube video and encourage them more....even tho it seems its already gone viral....

    Rear light strip with 'PORSCHE' logo in black??

    Not trying to hijack, but would anyone else like it if the letters were illuminated as an option?

    BLACK / JET BLACK Taycan Club

    After getting the ceramic and PPF done on mine. Pics done by the shop that did the work.

    Has anyone in a Taycan done the Tail Of the Dragon?

    Thanks! I am looking very strongly at that rally and am in contact with the organizers. I may go in spring, with some other Taycan owners i found on Facebook. Who may be interested, to test out the logistics of it all before the rally. Thanks for the great info and if i go, pics will definitely...

    Has anyone in a Taycan done the Tail Of the Dragon?

    If so, how did you manage charging? How much did the Dragon drain your battery if you were having a good go at it?

    Taking Care of Your Baby for the Fun of it

    Drooling over you guys garages! Truly magnificent! As for what the wife will allow, she allowed me to get the car! 🤣 A man can dream tho. Maybe someday!

    Anyone do a track day with their Taycan?

    As for Barber Motorsports in Alabama, there’s a 350kw EA supercharger about 32 miles away. Don’t know how feasible that is, but better than nothing i guess...

    PCM hacks

    Following. I’m also curious if anyone has hacked this thing yet. It seems that the units are largely built the same internally, and the features are enabled/disabled by software. So likely features you didnt pay for, are built into the car, but are not active. If someone does figure it out, I’m...

    Is it worth getting the car ceramic coated ?

    This is a great thread! As many have said, yes, get the coating and PPF done ASAP. I had it done on my last car and sent my Taycan in to get it done from a trusted local shop 1 day after I picked it up. Along with getting the tint done, the bumper and hood wrapped, and the paint...

    Members Say Hello Here!

    Hella all, got a 4S and it is my first Porsche or EV, so a bit of a learning curve for me. Always been more of a muscle car guy looking to try some refinement and other driving experiences. Looking forward to really getting to know this car and. Looking forward to learning from you all on here!