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  1. UK Taycan Insurance

    They insisted I had a monitored factory fitted tracker!!
  2. Thermal windows

    May I ask, would you get the noise reduction windows again? Do they really make enough difference to earn their place? Thanks.
  3. Taycan auto opening without comfort access

    Any update on phantom "easy access"?
  4. Carplay Tidal

    May I ask what size flash USB Drive I would need, new to this but would love to get the best soundstage from Burmester. Thanks.
  5. It's at the dealers, collecting tomorrow

    film director.
  6. It's at the dealers, collecting tomorrow

    it must be my job bumping up the quotes I'm getting from Admiral and all other insurers
  7. UK Taycan Insurance

    Doesn't the vehicle have to be 100% Use exclusive to the company, ie no private use including driving to and from work? So HMRC Point out.
  8. It's at the dealers, collecting tomorrow

    Hope to collect mine Saturday, taycan turbo. May I ask what insurance comp you use? Do you use it for business too? No worries if you'd rather not say, my insurance costs seem a bit bonkers for the new car!
  9. Just saying hi.. about to become a Turbo owner

    What dealership you at?
  10. Burmester vs. Bose

    Thanks so much for the advice UKTIVO, I'll see if I can do it too. Something I have no experience of.
  11. A Christmas Miracle . . .

    With the Star of the North above you for guidance home.
  12. Porsche Taycan interior noise level test - Bjorn Nyland

    drii, did you get your Taycan film installed? Does it help reduce the exterior noise?
  13. Bose Speakers Rattling

    Will the dealer cover the cost of this??
  14. Burmester vs. Bose

    So no point in USB Drive with FLAC burnt into it? Help!
  15. The 4S is back after full colour coding and PPS!

    Could you send me details too please, thanks
  16. It's at the dealers, collecting tomorrow

    Hey, did you find out what the trade plate was for? (at your Donny dealer)
  17. Taycan Dealer Pickup Checklist

    Really useful to know, thank you.