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  1. TaycanCook

    Cabin air filter OEM VAG replacement

    For those who are inclined with doing their own service, the cabin air filter has a number of aftermarket options. The OEM filter is very expensive being an cabin filter. The VAG part is half the price of the Porsche part number. 971-819-429-B The OEM part number is 9A7-819-429
  2. TaycanCook

    FS: 19" Silver painted wheels with all seasons - NYC

    I've a set of 19" wheels without center caps but with tpms with the Goodyear eagle touring all season tires with about 3k miles on it, tread depth of 7 -7.25mm all around. Tires have no patches/plugs. I use them as winter wheels. If you happen to be looking for summer tires on this, I can also...
  3. TaycanCook

    Braking transition sound at 13mph?

    I don't have a better way to describe it other than a transition sound. Maybe sounds like a weak blow off valve. Happens when accelerating past 25mph and then slowing down below 13mph. I consistently get this sound at 13mph and I'm really intrigued by what's making this sound. It's not at all...
  4. TaycanCook

    OEM taycan cross Turismo all weather floormats

    I've a set of all weather floor mats for the cross Turismo. Available for pick up in NYC. SOLD!
  5. TaycanCook

    Overhead grab handle - smooth retraction?

    Bizarre question, but does your overhead grab handles retract all the way smoothly or does it stop at a friction point and it needs to be pushed closed? I noticed mine needs to be pushed vs. A macan I have where it's just smooth retraction.
  6. TaycanCook

    At least our steering wheels stay on

    As much as we complain about the pcm, the pmcc, pmc+, etc, at least our steering wheel stay on. Can you imagine driving home a brand new car and having the steering wheel come off in your hand? Or the pano roof just taking off? Yikes.
  7. TaycanCook

    Randomly looking at plugshare when not road tripping

    Wondering if anybody else is just randomly perusing plug share looking for new chargers and for existing chargers in how they score. I find it really helps me sleep. :) This is how I've been able to track the typical fast chargers I use to see how their reliability has been. (Terrible by the...
  8. TaycanCook

    How to remove a-pillar?

    I haven't been able to find any pictures, so I'm asking. Do you have pictures of what the a pillar looks like underneath so I know how to remove it? I want to fix how the dealer installed it, but I also don't want to break any clips. Going back to the dealer is always a process which I want to...
  9. TaycanCook

    Charging past min by a few points

    I've been having this odd behavior with charging with no changes on my end. Min is set to some level, in my case, 50%. it will immediately charge up to that min and stop. At some point, it will start charging again and add a a few % of charge and then stop. I find the behavior bizarre and...
  10. TaycanCook

    Base wheels are growing on me

    I've a set of base wheels with all seasons that I mounted on the car for the winter. Initially, it had a repulsive effect. Bear in mind I have the 4s 19" wheels moving to the base 19" wheels. I looked at it again this morning and it's growing on me. I don't have the black inlays or black window...
  11. TaycanCook

    Black aluminum sill plate part number?

    Can someone help me out with the rear part number for the black sill plates for the rear of the ct? One got a dent from a water bottle and the other side got dented by the dealer. I had them covered in ppf ... Apparently ppf doesn't protect well against hydroflask bottles. 🤷🤷 🤣🤣
  12. TaycanCook

    EVGo Autocharge+ & Taycans

    EvGo has turned on their plug and charge (called Autocharge+) for eligible vehicles, i.e. Lyric, Polestar, XC40, etc. However, it doesn't have it available for the Taycan. How does the PnC work for our cars if it were enabled? Would we be billed by Porsche or would we be billed by Evgo? Any...
  13. TaycanCook

    Door Locking at Speed and indicator light

    For those who enable the door locking at speed, does the door lock button indicator light come on? I can hear that the car locks, but the indicator light doesn't show that it's locked. I wonder if it's just me or just yet another bug.
  14. TaycanCook

    NY Metro - ANA6 - Dealers who have serviced it for you

    Looking to see who has gotten the ANA6 service done and by which dealer in the NY Metro area. I had mine scheduled for MMC, but they had to move me out by a month and a half. I'd like to take it to a service center where it's been done a few times.
  15. TaycanCook

    Trailer Plug disables ACC

    For those with CTs running a carrier w/ trailer plug, do you also have the ACC disabled? I am running the same plug as @ciaranob with a curtis aux led lights on my yakima box. Was doing a test run yesterday and noticed the white notification that ACC is not available and continue driving. Those...
  16. TaycanCook

    Footwell makes a creak/pop sound like a soda can

    You've finished a soda. You're holding the can, you squeeze a bit too much, it dents. You rotate and squeeze again to pop out that indentation. That sound it makes when it pops. My driver side foot well makes this sound when I rest my foot in the middle of the footwell and move it. It's so odd...
  17. TaycanCook

    Dealership Recommendations near NYC

    I'm looking for a dealership recommendation for service near Brooklyn. Just picked up my car over the weekend, but there are some minor things that needs to be fixed/replaced. The dealership I purchased from is 200 miles from me and I'd like to service it closer to home.
  18. TaycanCook

    Panamera Sport Turismo Outdoor Cover

    Has anybody tried this cover to see if it fits? There is a new taycan cross turismo outdoor cover, but at close to $600, it's absurd.
  19. TaycanCook

    Transmission Oil

    Has any body had their transmission serviced for a fluid change? It's not part of the recommended service, but I'm not a believer of life time oils. I can tell from a parts diagram that there are fill and drain plugs. I'm also interested if the coolant service interval.
  20. TaycanCook

    WTB: Center Caps

    I'm interested in a set of the oem center caps. I've a set of 19's that I've bought with out the center caps and I'd rather not swap caps between sets of wheels. Let me know if you've a set for sale and how much you're asking for them.