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  1. bj33813

    Emergency Call Battery

    Getting a nag for this last 2 days. Reset did not clear it, but can clear it with steering wheel buttons, until next startup lol. Since it appears to be as stated : "emergency call", and would likely require some time to get at it, I think it can wait until I have more issues as I have spent...
  2. bj33813

    Great regen after brake flush

    but unfortunately, it only lasted for a few miles and then went back to the normal (MEANING NOT SO GREAT) regen I am used to. Anyone else had this happen? Sure wish they could have made it permanent! LOL, maybe the brake fluid finally trickled down to all the nooks and crannies?
  3. bj33813

    What is your TRUE mileage?

    I have been watching the difference between the Porsche guess-o-meter and the cars odometer. PB+ Just did a charge today to my usual 85%, giving me 281 miles on the guess-o-meter. Odometer shows I actually drove 130 miles since last charge, but per the guess-o-meter, I used 206 miles. All city...
  4. bj33813

    Will a NEMA 14-50 plug handle 10kw?

    Bought a Tesla Gen 3 wall charger with the universal J-1772 connector instead of tesla connector & had planned to hardwire, but then 2nd thought if it ever goes bad, I want to be able to use the Porsche evse using the 14-50 plug. It's on a 50 amp breaker , using #6AWG. But in looking at...
  5. bj33813

    Disappearing miles ?

    Twice in the past 2 weeks, I have had miles disappear right after charging at an EA charger. Examples: miles shown when finished charging were 260 , and after driving less than a 1/4 mile, it dropped to 200 miles. Next time it happened, I lost 47 miles. Has anyone else had this happen?
  6. bj33813

    Porsche plans blockbuster IPO in the coming weeks The iconic Porsche brand is officially going public despite stomach-churning stock market turbulence that's frozen out other big deals. Volkswagen (VLKAF) first started looking at spinning off the high-performance automaker in...
  7. bj33813

    Electric vehicle subsidies take cash from ordinary Americans to benefit the rich

    Good ole fox news strikes again:
  8. bj33813

    2nd Fob need a key?

    Finally after 9 months I was able to pick up my 2nd key Fob, but just noticed now that I am home that it does not have the slide out key like the first one. Is this normal? My SA is off today so can't ask him.
  9. bj33813

    Question on Porsche Connect app

    I noticed today that while the car is charging in my garage , the Connect app does not update to show the current progress while still charging. Did go up from 38% to 40%, but is stuck there for several hours, but if I look at the status screen inside the car, it is now at 70%. Is that normal...
  10. bj33813

    Tesla S owner blows up car with elon musk doll in front seat
  11. bj33813

    Scraped and damaged bottom of trunk pan

    I peeled back a layer of material about 2 inches front to back by 24 inches side to side entering a driveway. Looks to be same fiber material you see inside the trunk as I can see the fabric strands. Any suggestions for an exterior patching material or sealer? The underlying metal is not...
  12. bj33813

    Too many profiles for charging. How do I delete some?

    Inadvertently created 2 extra profiles but cannot see a way to delete them. Any help? Thanks!
  13. bj33813

    Service contract question

    I am being told by my dealer that there is no free service for the Taycan 4S, tho I thought the first service at 20,000 miles/or 2 years was free. They are asking for $815 for a service contract for the first 20k miles/2 years (up from $770 due to inflation I guess) and $1820 for the 40,000 mile...
  14. bj33813

    App outage leaves Tesla owners stranded, unable to start their vehicles

    Tesla software failure reminds customers not to rely solely on the mobile app Tesla not impervious either?
  15. bj33813

    Exhaust sound from a Taycan? And I thought I would have to make the noises myself!
  16. bj33813

    How to move the nav screen display to main display?

    I know it can be done as I have seen images and videos with it , but how?
  17. bj33813

    A Big Shoutout to the Gentleman with the turbo S in Gainesville, FL

    Who helped me get charged at a mostly non-functional EA charging station in Gainesville. I really appreciate your help. Thank you!
  18. bj33813

    It's on the boat!

    My 4s is FINALLY on it's way, target is 17 days (down from 44 2 days ago)! Seems like forever.:clap: