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    I find less outrageous a turbo "escargot" than a 4-cylinder 63 AMG...
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    I guess this has be covered extensively already. Don't think about the actual mechanical turbine part. This is just a way to sort models in the lineup. Could either be "Performance", "Plaid", "Hellcat", "z01", "RS", AMG... but all those are already trademarked.
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    Leather Console cut

    Hello, I highly doubt the picture is showing leather wrapped dashboard. I think this is rubbered plastic and I don't know any possible fix for this damage.
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    Charging at 269 kW

    I reached 269KW several times too. Actually it's kind of a game on highway : Porsche Route planner and arriving at the charging station with 25% SOC and it should do it most of the time (between 255 and 270) And because this thread is worthless without pic:
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    Do you park your car in lift mode after using smart lift when entering parking?

    I've been doing this for 10 years ( car sitting lifted while parked at home) with both Panameras and Taycan and never got any suspension issue.
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    Tips/Pointers on washing Taycan?

    Think about deactivating the comfort Access to avoid the risk of unexpected openings of front trunk or charging port doors during jetwash.
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    South Korea 2024

    I’ll be in South Korea this summer for a 2 week road trip but with a rental car. Wife and I are currently working on the itinerary.
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    Anyone know what these orange things are?

    Sure, here it is: Official Poitiers Dealership: And there are prices too :-)
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    Anyone know what these orange things are?

    From the french Porsche website, it's called "vibration-damping mass". So I guess this is just what they are...
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    Dead Taycan

    Useful tip here:
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    Active Ride: Is It Still an Available Option?

    I can confirm the 25 Taycan Turbo is not configurable with the Active Ride option... in France. And in Germany, it's been said "limited availability, please contact you dealer for more information". So expect longer delays...
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    Porsche Universal Charger

    Universal is 7.2kW (1 phase) Mobile charger is 11kW (3 phases) Mobile Charger Connect is 22kW (3 Phases)
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    Lost LTE connection

    It seems pulling the Wireless Communication Control Unit fuses might do the trick:
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    Is coordinates based navigation not possible in the taycan? I have problems to believe that! Regards

    I guess you can try entering the GPS coordinates in the PCM search bar and have Google to look for the corresponding address...
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    Spa Porsche Days 2024

    Hello all, I'd like to share with you few pictures of the Spa Porsche days of last week-end. This is one of the largest Porsche event in the world. Nearly 4000 Porsches of all kinds are having a meeting on the Spa Francorchamps Formula One track every springs. It all started with a trip from...
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    Public charging in france

    And btw, I'll be at Le Mans this year too, with my Taycan. I'm not stressed. From my experience (I'm french I must admit it), all fast speed chargers on highways work with Porsche Charging Service and almost all rest areas with fuel pumps have high speed chargers too (one very 40 kms on...
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    Public charging in france

    Chargepoint certainly is compatible with the Porsche Charging Service (I do have Chargepoint in my charging history). Not sure about freshmile though. For bullet proof charging I double the Porsche card with Chargemap. I never been defeated.
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    Hi from Belgium :)

    Hi, the trim and the tiny rear window is one piece and it will cost you 900€ for that part only.
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    My Porsche app

    MyPorsche 11.0 works for me including the widget. Did you try to delete/recreate the widget or/and reboot the phone?
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    Driving in Europe

    Doesn’t seem obvious on the picture but I perfectly fitted the parking place. On my left there was a ModelY with the driver of which I had a chitchat.