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    FREMANTLE HIGHWAY on fire (new vid: 2 sept 2023). Any Taycans on board?
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    Range mode and (A)CC.

    I thought I knew everything about the Taycan. But no, I think I found a new "feature". When you're in Range mode you can't select a higher speed for (A)CC than the max speed which is set in Range mode. Yesterday I had to speed up when in Range mode to about 160 km/h but when I selected ACC the...
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    Power tuning RWD -> 4S -> GTS -> Turbo -> Turbo S.

    Looks like someone found a way to increase power on a Taycan/RS e-Tron GT. It's in Germany but can be done by yourself if I understood it correctly. Powerboost now on all the time. Vmax raised etc. Take a look HERE
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    Offered an extended warranty

    Hi guys, I'm being offered a special extended warranty cuz I'm a "regular customer and Taycan driver" although my car is already 30 months old so my 24 months of factory warranty is already over by 6 months... I'm being offered three choices: 1 year €911, normally €1850. 2 year €1678, normally...
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    SoH vs Charging to 100% and what I found.

    I always charge to 85% and this was my SoH in augustus when I first monitored my battery. That was after 23.000km I know that degradation is the most in the first 10%, after that it'll slow down but still 90,3% isn't what I expected... So, I changed my charging habbit and set it to 100% to...
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    Gearbox: totally unnecessary.

    So the Taycan has a 2-speed gearbox. As we all know, a gearbox is to overcome the shortcomings of an engine/motor. So why did Porsche make a gearbox as electric motors really don't need a gearbox after all due to their power and torquecurve. I guess it was to defeat Tesla but in the end it isn't...
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    List of updates / campaign numbers for Taycan

    Here's an overview of all the campaign numbers of the Taycan (-may 2022). ONA7 - Update High Voltage battery (OTA-update). ONA5 - Function improvements PCM (OTA-update). WNB4 - Update interior alarm monitoring system WML2 - reprogram 22kW charger (OBC) WMP5- checking pressure sensors and...
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    12V issue picked up by journalists

    I came across this article. I remembered this was posted on this forum but I can't seem to find the thread. Maybe some of you know? Anyway, this is a perfect example how things can go wrong on the...
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    Just curious: does the wing come out on the CT?

    I was wondering if the wing comes out on the Cross Turismo or rather: does it even has the wing?
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    Had another 11 updates OTA today.

    AMB5 done 7 weeks ago and (still) no problems whatsoever. Today I recieved another 11 updates OTA (infotainment, agenda, streaming, etc). Glad to see Porsche is still improving their software. OTA update is working properly, apparently. ?
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    For Sale: carbon Turbo S rear bumper/spoiler

    To upgrade your Taycan Turbo to S-spec! Has repairs done but only on underside and hardly noticable. Thinking about €850 (new price: €2700). Price is including shipping in EU. Will ship worldwide. Upper side: Underside:
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    Can't find the thread with the vid of Edmunds testing the Tesla Plaid...

    Anyone? Got something to add....? It does look good imho. But I'm not interested though.
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    Home-made diffuser finished!

    After several protypes (cardboard shapes), different mountings, trying different materials (acrylic -> abs plastic) and different colors (dark grey->black) I'm proud to say Project Diffuser is finished to my satisfaction. Enjoy:
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    Can we get more active threads on mainpage?

    Now that the forum is growing and more threads are active I would like to see more "latest posts" on the mainpage, like 15 or so. Sometimes when I respond to a "less popular" thread it totally disappear into the forum and I have to look at my content where the topic went.
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    What's up with Range mode after WMA 5/6?

    Today I tested the Range mode after some messages that it has changed behavior. I don't use Range mode myself so I became curious. Before the update it switched off the rear motor and gearbox, more like a fwd car cuz of the more efficient front motor. Now, after the update I can see it uses the...
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    Looking for Taycan manual

    Hi guys, I'm looking for the "exploded view" or page of the workshop manual to install the rear light bar (with the Porsche letters). Anyone have some contacts? Many thx in advance!
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    New Tequipment for Taycan: rear light bar with glacier ice blue letters.

    Talked to my dealer monday and there will be new Tequipment ready by (presumably) week 20. It's the rear light bar with the blue letters. Part number is 9J104490007 and price will be around €850. That's great news cuz I was waiting for that! This option wasn't available at launch so looking...