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    New Taycan beats competitor's long range models in cold temps

    This video essentially reveals that the Taycan is very inefficient….even after a refresh. Porsche doesn’t need to be #1 but they shouldn’t be near the bottom for the cost.

    Macan EV

    I am holding out for another EV in wagon form…so it will be a while for me. I am willing to wait.

    2025 Lease Taycan 4S Cross Turismo

    $100K for the privilege of driving a Taycan for 3 years seems a little steep to me….


    For those who question Porsche’s naming convention across their model line-up, are your lips moving as you read this post?

    Scared the CRAP out of me

    I realize that this comment makes me officially old, but the notion that a car is able to take an action which is independent of the driver is still unsettling to me.

    Rivian’s Gen 2 looks like what Porsche did with the 2025 Taycan

    2025 R1T / R1S Refresh (2nd Gen) Reviews & First Looks — Articles & Videos Admin addendum: you can create/copy your account at Rivianforums with just 1-click at your account copy menu ✅

    PCCB vs PCSB vs Steel

    I would be surprised if there wasnt a software impact here (somehow) that would need to be addressed/toggled by the dealer.

    Has your Porsche Taycan got many stone chip marks on the front of the car? How are you fixing it?

    Original paint is not critical….just need the paint code. There are several companies that make the kits and they are a perfect match. If that is important to you, you could buy from the dealer and supply it to whoever does the work. The cost is based on the amount of time/work needed but...

    Egress warner not working after wrap?

    I have seen the sensors painted instead of wrapped for this reason….
  10. RAHRCR

    PPF and Ceramic coating an overkill?

    I would PPF the front clip (possibly the glass roof) and ceramic coat the entire vehicle and wheels…only if incidental damage would impact your ownership experience. Otherwise, touch up paint and a spray sealant after regular washing will get you to the same result in the end. I did...
  11. RAHRCR

    Has your Porsche Taycan got many stone chip marks on the front of the car? How are you fixing it?

    The most sensible thing to do would be to purchase a touch up kit from Porsche at the time of handover of your new car. The next best alternative would be to PPF the front clip before delivery….particularly if paint chips would impact your overall experience of ownership. Just know that...
  12. RAHRCR

    Just picked up a Model 3 Performance ...

    I think it’s good that they are building better cars, however I could never buy one for myself or my family.
  13. RAHRCR

    Some images of MY 2025 Cross Turismo 4 in Oak Green

    I feel that most things that Porsche offers are a matter of taste but this particular one is objectively bad….tasteless.
  14. RAHRCR

    Some images of MY 2025 Cross Turismo 4 in Oak Green

    The “negotiated settlement” reached between the Porsche designers and engineers on the 2025 Taycan still leaves me wanting from an aesthetics point of view. I do appreciate this additional color choice and the overall capability/practicality they’ve added. While my heart may never desire one...
  15. RAHRCR

    Which wheels/tires combo looks better?

    I have grown to appreciate the non-mission E wheel options a lot….even more so in person.
  16. RAHRCR

    How do you wash and maintain the shine on your Porsche Taycan?

    I try to stay away from brands but my car is coated and fully PPF ….the coating includes the glass and the wheels. From there, I mostly use rinseless washing but sometimes, I use a foam cannon on my pressure washer with deionized water to pre soak ahead of a RW. I decontaminate the paint and...
  17. RAHRCR

    My 2022 Taycan 4S - 2 Years later

    I did. They got me for $1140 + tax for a 20K service 😒😐🙄
  18. RAHRCR

    Which drive mode do you use for driving in city and high way?

    I have a CT 4S and typically roll in normal with one ride height below normal as well. This works well because I have all of the performance goodies. If things get serious, I go to sports mode. Haven’t had the need to go beyond but I would probably use sports+ for the track.
  19. RAHRCR

    My 2022 Taycan 4S - 2 Years later

    I instantly feel better about my 20K service. Forgot that I had $600 of Porsche’s money…it’s back to feeing like a bargain (sort of) 😉