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  1. Teen Driver Rolls Taycan at 100 MPH

    US Pedestrian fatalities are at a 41 year high. Traffic fatalities have also spiked in recent years, at a time when they are down in the rest of the industrialized world.
  2. Teen Driver Rolls Taycan at 100 MPH

    Kid drinks, drives at violent speeds and almost kills his passengers and who knows who else using the road. Wish we had appropriate legal consequences in the US.
  3. Noise levels in 2021 vs 2023 Taycan CT

    A lot of EVs I've tested have made this annoying low pitched sound. My wife doesn't notice it. I can't stand it. Sedans with the sealed off rear are inherently quieter. Also FWIW, BMWS I have driven have better NVH than equivalent Porsche cars. That includes the i4 against the Taycan sedan...
  4. Charging to 100%

    I get it though. The battery is ~$40k, and also the environmental aspect of wanting to make it last as long as possible or yourself, or the future owner.
  5. Charging to 100%

    Set it up on a jack in your in-home garage with floor to ceiling glass, put it into reverse and place a rock on the accelerator pedal. Should also take miles off of the odometer.
  6. Charging etiquette. Would you do the same?

    EA doesn't charge idle fees because their software is too incompetent to correctly assign them. So many sessions that are hundreds of hours long because the stupid system thinks cars are still connected. Rude = leaving your car sitting past 100% when infrastructure is so limited. Nothing even...
  7. what does CarPlay give you?

    I've owned 6-7 CarPlay vehicles and over time grew to really dislike it. It seems like I am always diagnosing connection issues at the worst times. I just want to get in and drive. As Anonymouse said the design of the UI looks out of place on a car dash. Something about the colorfulness of it...
  8. [Perspective] - A happy Taycan owner road trip’s his Daughter’s Model Y…

    All of this x100. You just don’t know until you’ve owned both Tesla and CCS cars.
  9. Is there a doctor in the house?

    I feel inner ear pressure when accelerating in EVs, though it doesn't lead to sickness. Nothing like that from gas cars, even fast ones.
  10. Battery Failure / At Least 3 Months for a Battery Replacement

    That's just excessive. I had been under the impression that one reason to pay so much for a Porsche is to avoid such inconveniences. Does Macau have any consumer law that dictates battery warranties and/or reasonable repair times? Since they can't fix it in a reasonable timeframe, maybe they...
  11. Anyone going back to a Tesla?

    Seriously considered a Taycan several times over the past two years, never owned one though numerous other EVs. I went back to gas, it that counts? I’ll be back in an EV when the kinks are worked out.
  12. How does your Taycan feel after 15-20K miles?

    Dealer won't fix it for him though.
  13. Video: "Porsche Taycan Prices are Collapsing"

    This has to be one of the dumbest Youtube niches there is.
  14. Tesla Fanboy Journey

    Is the double-paned glass on the rear windows as well? Typically there is some variability among cars. My ICE car has it on all 4 windows and it makes cruising at 85 so enjoyable. Regardless, do not skimp on glass in a car this expensive! The three Taycans I tested did not have it, and the road...
  15. How does your Taycan feel after 15-20K miles?

    Hmmm. Well I’ve never had a suspension creak in any EV, and so many ICEV are incredibly quiet these days. I wonder what the issue might be.
  16. Car totalled. Would be very appreciative of some guidance

    Firestone did this to my wife’s sports car too. They were out for 20 minutes driving “for the TPMS” after a repair patch. No permission whatsoever. Absolutely absurd.
  17. How does your Taycan feel after 15-20K miles?

    Is that not normal everyday driving? I feel that a well-maintained car should not have a creaking suspension, especially a new car.
  18. High pitched noise low speed - light acceleration or light braking

    The first video sounded like the motor/inverter. The concrete wall is amplifying it a little. Normal, but I am not a fan of that sound.
  19. New Porsche Recall/"Stop sell" - any details?

    If you can do a round trip, Turo has everything. I've rented flagship luxury sedans for the price of a Hertz rental.
  20. Random Electrify America and Taycan Gossip (with EA repair man)

    The first one makes a lot of sense. Even though I have about as many Tesla miles as CCS, I have never seen a single Tesla Supercharger repair team, and probably 5-6 Electrify America repair teams. They seem to burn through parts too quickly.