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  1. Skystorm

    Software Update at the Porsche Center

    I’m doing the software Update on my Taycan this week it should take 2-5 Hours. Anybody else done this? Any inputs? My car was delivered 14 mars.
  2. Skystorm

    Pictures on storage package

    Hi! Do any body have the storage package and can post pictures on the mid Console package? Thanks!
  3. Skystorm

    My Taycan Turbo Dolomite Silver Delivery.

    Hi! Here are some pictures on my Taycan Turbo. It’s soo good, I owned many performance/luxury cars but this is by far the best!! I must Thank Porsche Center Borås in Sweden! I love your effort and service mind! Now I can’t to wait to test the car with my summer tires. So happy!
  4. Skystorm

    Fold down rear seats?

    Is it possible to fold down the rear seat on Taycan? The topgear test film states it’s not possible??
  5. Skystorm

    Grand Turismo

  6. Skystorm

    Porsche Press Center Info