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  1. Night Vision Assist - Worth It?

    My NVA was triggered by a branch on the road, about 20 meters away. So cool. I don't know how it was triggered by the branch but it was!
  2. Delivery day trip from Miami to Austin (and back)?

    I'm taking delivery two days from now, and am immediately(from the dealer) embarking upon a Miami to Austin(and back) drive. Any thoughts on my adventure in terms of timing?
  3. The Super Bowl ad you didn't see - spec Taycan commercial
  4. New 20 inch Turbo Aero Wheels

    Rims only.
  5. New 20 inch Turbo Aero Wheels

    My Taycan is being delivered in roughly one week, and I am offering the wheels. I will seriously entertain any reasonable offer. Thank you!
  6. Does Night Vision Assist help identify idling cars with their lights off on the side of the highway?

    unlikely, see
  7. metal roof?

    I'm finalizing my 4s build and will likely choose the metal roof. Has anyone here seen one in person? Impressions? ps: it going to be white Thanks!