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  1. Mike in CA

    Stock vs custom?

    I would say purist, not extremist. ;) My own preferences would be: stick on carbon fibre Absolutely not. anything that lowers the car No. wraps/not-stock colours Not my thing. aftermarket wheels Maybe, if they are really nice ones. third party mats...
  2. Mike in CA

    Just ordered 19.2 kW AC On-Board Charger.

    I'm confused. I charge almost 100% from solar and my Powerwall storage so I don't worry about timers when charging the e-Tron. I just leave the charging profile set to 80% and plug in whenever it's convenient during the day. If I need to plug in overnight for some reason and the Powerwall's...
  3. Mike in CA

    How would you spec differently next time?

    Just so you don't feel like you missed something by not getting 18 way massage seats, they aren't a thing. Massage is only available with ventilated 14 way seats. With regard to the insulated glass, do you feel that the car is too noisy without it? I figured an EV with double layer glass...
  4. Mike in CA

    Enough Complaining, Let's talk about what we love about the Taycan and why we bought it.

    Beautiful. Can't tell for sure what the interior color is: Bordeaux red?
  5. Mike in CA

    Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    I'm sorry to hear that. Any word on the length of the delay? Also, I'm curious as to whether you had been following the production progress of your car prior to receiving the call from your dealer, or whomever. Do you have access to the My Porsche tracking information on your vehicle? If so...
  6. Mike in CA

    Enough Complaining, Let's talk about what we love about the Taycan and why we bought it.

    Like the OP, I'm waiting for my 2021 4S to arrive: May in my case. This will be my 6th Porsche since the first one purchased new in 1984, a ruby red 911 Carrera with burgundy leather and a whale tale spoiler. What I like most about the Taycan is that it looks, performs and feels like a genuine...
  7. Mike in CA

    Rear spoiler will not reposition itself

    Yikes. I'm mentally cataloging all of the various issues being brought up here on the forum as I await production of my 4S. This problem seems an odd one as Porsche has been building cars with motorized spoilers since the late '80's (964). You'd think they'd have implementation figured out by now.
  8. Mike in CA

    Rear Axle Steering

    Bump steer is caused by unwanted toe in or toe out as the suspension moves through it's travel. There's nothing inherent in the design of RAS that would cause this change in toe. A rigid steering link on each side of the rear suspension is connected to an electromechanical actuator that is...
  9. Mike in CA

    Manual Charging Door Cannot Be Fully Closed - Latch Inoperable

    I would definitely try these....I think it's very possible that the locking feature for the flap has gotten out of sync somehow either with the other charging flap or with the removal of the charging cable.
  10. Mike in CA

    Is $157K MSRP too much for 4S

    Even if one thinks the difference in braking performance and feel is irrelevant, my thought is that taking 10+ pounds of un-sprung weight out of each corner by definition doesn't qualify as "no performance". But I'll admit, it can be argued whether most people could tell the difference. All...
  11. Mike in CA

    Taycan 4s delivered with PMCC missing.

    Has anyone heard of (or experienced) similar problems with the standard PMC unit disappearing?
  12. Mike in CA

    Global Semiconductor Shortage Affecting Production Porsche Chief Says

    You should have received a welcome e-mail from Porsche after your order was accepted with a link that takes you to the login portal. There you can find all of the dates and info for the different steps in your car's build process as well as a world map that will show where your...
  13. Mike in CA

    Global Semiconductor Shortage Affecting Production Porsche Chief Says

    V250 was originally planned for 2/26/21 and was reached on 2/23/21. V260 was originally planned for 3/5/21 and so far that date has not changed on the My Porsche tracking site.
  14. Mike in CA

    Global Semiconductor Shortage Affecting Production Porsche Chief Says

    Update: FWIW, my order officially reached the "Scheduled for Production" milestone today with production still slated to begin on March 5. Hoping this is a good sign with respect to any potential delays due to parts shortages.
  15. Mike in CA

    metal roof?

    IMHO the aluminum roof looks better, is lighter weight, and even though the pano roof is tinted and provides some insulation from heat having the sun shining through is annoying to me. Also it's no cost. Rear seat headroom and roof transport aren't concerns so I went metal. Just personal preference.
  16. Mike in CA

    Taycan Turbo 2020, Electrical System Error Stop vehicle in a safe place

    I really hesitate to suggest one course of action or the other. It's just so subjective and dependent on your personal tolerance for an adverse situation and how much emotional investment you have in the new car. The experience with my GT3's engine was quite traumatic at the time and after...
  17. Mike in CA

    Taycan Turbo 2020, Electrical System Error Stop vehicle in a safe place

    First, very sorry to hear of your issue. Unfortunately, your experience so far also does not speak very well of your dealer. There is absolutely no reason you should have had to go to Porsche NA to wrangle a loaner. Group action can be successful but it's rare. I have some experience with this...
  18. Mike in CA

    Ordered 4S in December, still no freeze date

    Your dealer should be able to tell you exactly when the freeze date is or you should be able to log onto the My Porsche web site and see the milestones in your order's progress, one of which is the freeze date. The time interval for the freeze date is going to be dependent on when the dealer's...
  19. Mike in CA

    254 miles real-world range at 75 mph around freezing

    I won't quibble too much about the upgraded brakes and range as I have no data to support a claim that it's improved by getting them. However, I've seen multiple sources that suggest one reason why smaller wheels return longer range is decreased wheel weight. Since brake rotors are part of the...
  20. Mike in CA

    Porsche Taycan in the Texas Winter Storm

    Glad to hear that you made it through the disaster in decent and that your Taycan helped out a little. Hopefully all of that is behind you now. Best of luck.