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  1. W1NGE

    UK 12V issue - what should I do?

    Just received my letter from Porsche UK 2 mins ago to make arrangements for the software MY21 upgrade. I love it when a plan comes together!!
  2. W1NGE

    Production Taycan Cross Turismo LEAKED!

    Nice! Loving the cycle carrier and interested to see where the towbar is hidden.
  3. W1NGE

    PMCC Software Update This Morning

    Yes I think you are right - it was part of the MY21 product launch but don't see why it can't be retro fitted if software related only. One odd thing I have noticed is the time stamp on the PMCC is wrong even though it is set for UK. All charging telemetry times are GMT +7 ahead of where they...
  4. W1NGE

    PMCC Software Update This Morning

    Yes that's right, no communication when PLC to vehicle is deactivated. When activated the behaviour of the PMCC also changes when a timer / profile is active. The PMCC continues to flash blue to denote "Charging Paused" until timed to start whereas before it would revert to a steady green after...
  5. W1NGE

    PMCC Software Update This Morning

    This may be a MY21 feature but look within the Charging menus or within the Vehicle settings. Sorry I can't remember which menu precisely but it's too late in the day to go check - can do in the morning.
  6. W1NGE

    PMCC Software Update This Morning

    With "PLC enabled to vehicle" activated on PMCC and plug share enabled on PCM the PMCC comes to life with data being transmitted from the vehicle. PCID (should be VIN) is passed from vehicle to PMCC for authorisation to charge requested. Once done the make and model appear in the authorised...
  7. W1NGE

    Just ordered 19.2 kW AC On-Board Charger.

    Clever countries like Norway no doubt offer this off the bat.
  8. W1NGE

    Just ordered 19.2 kW AC On-Board Charger.

    Public yes, home no. There are plenty of 50kW DC, 150kW 400V is presenting itself, and 350kW (270kW) is out there albeit thin on the ground currently. The 22kW AC is a legacy for early EV adopters but such is the march of tech and the need to support a pre-existing base of legacy users who...
  9. W1NGE

    Just ordered 19.2 kW AC On-Board Charger.

    3 phase is the exception in UK (possibly also in wider Europe) and not the rule. So this simply means that despite all our fancy home charger options - PMCC, PMC+, other 3rd party - without 3 phase the best we can get is 7.4kW @ 32A (not 11kW (PMC+) or 22kW (PMCC)) which essentially levels the...
  10. W1NGE

    2nd gear

    Yep, stab the throttle in NORMAL and you should experience it - subtle but there nonetheless.
  11. W1NGE

    Taycan car insurance ( UK ) - in need of some advice!

    Hmm, not sure. Try Admiral but I only insure the car on a personal policy and don’t run as a company car (I know I’m missing out somewhere but...). LV is another option - I think another forum member went down this route (on another thread).
  12. W1NGE

    PMCC Software Update This Morning

    No, leave WiFi for the times you do connect to WiFi. PLC (Powerline Communication) is another type of network connection which uses your electrical circuit at home to extend your network assuming you have PLC adapters. So only disable this one (it may already be ‘deactivated’ and if so leave as...
  13. W1NGE

    PMCC Software Update This Morning

    Not a lot of value then but if you haven't disabled the PLC connection (network type) then you should as this is quoted in the 12V battery drain issues on this forum. Beyond that then not a lot to be gained and your setup can be performed directly on the PMCC apart from linking to your Porsche...
  14. W1NGE

    PMCC Software Update This Morning

    Generally need to be on the same ring too for PLC to work.
  15. W1NGE

    I have the 22kW AC charger installed anyways!

    Seems like a well considered guesstimate. 6hrs - ouch, more like a full rebuild and an expensive one at that for Porsche!
  16. W1NGE

    PMCC Software Update This Morning

    Yes - all of this is documented in the PMCC (or PMC+) manual - worthwhile read!
  17. W1NGE

    Taycan roof rack and accessories

    These are most likely OEM'd from THULE (Sweden) who make all the racks, carriers, boxes and so on. Annoyingly, you can't source the foot pack necessary to fit the Taycan from Thule (the one Porsche they don't list currently) and I assume Porsche are preventing this until they've made some money...
  18. W1NGE

    Bespoke Colour - What would you choose?

    Irish Green as per the original 911 and the 1 millionth ever made.
  19. W1NGE

    PMCC Software Update This Morning

    Precisely! 3 pages worth of history only No external interface to connect to so either PLC or WiFi.
  20. W1NGE

    What are you paying for electricity per kWh?

    I generally charge overnight between 00:00 and 07:00 (off peak window) to take advantage of my EV tariff which gives me free electricity for charging the car. I have an allowance of 8000 EV charging miles per year so pretty happy with that. 100% renewably sourced is what they claim.