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  1. jetbox

    UK charging on 7.2kw rolec

    Doesn’t look like it’s set up for 7.2kw charging. Mine reads 0.3 miles per minute on a 7.2kw rolec charger
  2. jetbox

    Standard Audio - is it really that bad

    That was a consideration... it’s our family car for holidays and high days so boot and frunk space is important. Roll on the sport turismoGTS :)
  3. jetbox

    Standard Audio - is it really that bad

    I have standard audio and it’s fine. It sounds errr, standard....
  4. jetbox

    What's your real world range with Non-Plus Battery throughout the year?

    The Porsche range calculator is actually very accurate if you are honest with the temperature and type of driving. Have you tried that? I find it easily with 10% of real life
  5. jetbox

    How to identify small vs large battery in Taycan 4s?

    No difference in boot size either as the extra battery cells are under the rear seats not in the boot. ( the boot size changes with bose)
  6. jetbox

    Wiper failure

    If you are not on a road trip they are fine. Go shopping, walk the dog etc etc while using the 50kw ones. I agree they don’t work for a long journey but once at your destination they fine. Lossiemouth and Inverness don’t have too many chargers from memory, actually Lossiemouth only has two 7kw I...
  7. jetbox

    North coast 500.

    There are a lot more chargers than shown on the NC500 website. This is Zap-Map, over 50kw chargers
  8. jetbox

    North coast 500.

    I have done the 500 many times in various porsches but not the Taycan yet. It looks do-able but I don’t think it would be very stress free. There are quite a few 50kw chargers and the most important factor will be the reliability of those chargers and if they are already in use. Some stretches...
  9. jetbox

    Why doesn’t the recuperation (re-Gen) mode automatically come on in range mode?

    Simple, Porsche have proved during testing that coasting is more efficient than the regen setting, hence range mode is set up this way. Enjoy the silent coasting!
  10. jetbox

    12 Volt Battery issue now

    Interesting, would like to see a copy of the official Porsche memo. And if that’s correct why not tell all owners....
  11. jetbox

    Not impressed real world test. Battery issues or just marketing lies?

    Lots of interesting points here. Winter and the cold is mostly to blame. The same trip in the summer would work out much better. It frustrates me so much about the lack of info supplied from dealers though, it’s no longer a new product and dealers should be helping customers and arming them...
  12. jetbox

    Passenger window won't close issue...

    Try a relearn on the window to set the end stop position.
  13. jetbox

    What does the rear spoiler do when and drive mode variances?

    No idea, I keep meaning to strap my GoPro to the back and go for a drive and record it to see what it does...
  14. jetbox

    4s won’t take 50kw charger

    Hi, i Am in the Aberdeen area too and some 50kw chargers just don’t work. Also the app is rubbish you need the chargeplace Scotland card. Which chargers are you trying to use?. Pm if you like and I can try to help if local
  15. jetbox

    Whats your favourite dash layout ?

    Yes, you can change what gets displayed in the info pod. When I that display I think you press the roller button thing to bring up the options menu
  16. jetbox

    Whats your favourite dash layout ?

    Loving the night vision, I wish I specced that
  17. jetbox

    Taycan 4s parked on snow rolling forward - how why and wtf??

    See pic, also my connect app only shows car locked and no parking brake...
  18. jetbox

    Taycan 4s parked on snow rolling forward - how why and wtf??

    Now I’m worried, my car is currently outside my house on a slope in the snow....
  19. jetbox

    First public charge attempts...good and bad!

    Ok, yep, if a car is using the chademo then you cannot use the ccs at the same time. I made the same error when I first got mine, no one tells you this stuff..... have fun