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  1. TAYC4S

    Dealer Software Update

    I heard they drop one of these in the boot as well 😂 but only if you have had a 12v battery issue...
  2. TAYC4S

    Dealer Software Update

    That’s it?? Hardly worth it for my car. I have no issues with any of those things...
  3. TAYC4S

    Dealer Software Update

    Oh well - I guess the letter is en route then...I will be keen to understand why it needs updating and what's changed if anyone knows...
  4. TAYC4S

    Dealer Software Update

    Maybe but in some respects, I actually hope not - mine has been working absolutely flawlessly since day 1 - everything is slick and works a treat so unless there is some "new magic" I might hold back ;-)
  5. TAYC4S

    Dealer Software Update

    No - but mine is a MY21 from Nov 2020 so perhaps does not need one...
  6. TAYC4S

    Software update — Porsche & Audi?

    Hopefully the news that VW is moving to OTA updates might mean that this could filter down to Porsche as well - well hopefully...
  7. TAYC4S

    Octopus Energy £100 New Customer Credit.

    Wow that’s poor show. I must say for me I had to hassle them but was setup within 3 weeks, though I already had a SMETS2 meter.
  8. TAYC4S

    Current UK discounts

    Good luck...
  9. TAYC4S

    Enough Complaining, Let's talk about what we love about the Taycan and why we bought it.

    Actually, for me there is nothing I really have complaints about. I love this car. I have been fortunate to have had so many really nice cars from 2 seaters sports and super cars, all the way to SUVs etc. This really is the best of the lot. It looks amazing, is fast, practical, super quiet and...
  10. TAYC4S

    ICE GREY Taycan Club

    I just called the helpline number and within about 2 mins they remotely released it.
  11. TAYC4S

    Audi e-tron GT Sportback/Avant (Allroad)

    looks better than the Porsche Taycan Turismo IMO...if it was real...
  12. TAYC4S

    Charge Port Cover - Increased Drag

    and at least some idiot cannot deliberately try and damage the manual opened charge cover which sticks out inviting people to do something stupid...
  13. TAYC4S

    Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    What’s really needed now IMO is for Porsche to take the Rimac technology which I have heard is amazing in terms of Battery energy density and battery management and use this to quickly accelerate the next gen of BEVs. Porsche have a stake in Rimac and could really take the market forwards in a...
  14. TAYC4S

    ** WARNING on Installing Porsche Connect App 4.4 - 2nd Update **

    Updated and no issues. Cannot tell if it’s faster or not as I have never had any real issues with the app.. Installed on iPhone with latest iOS.
  15. TAYC4S

    Taycan Servicing UK

    I got it as well today from Porsche Reading and honestly cannot understand it as there is nothing to really do except basic fluid changes the most complex being brake fluid change. What else gets done, lubricating the door hinges 🙄. Hopefully they will be able to look at this more carefully and...
  16. TAYC4S

    UK 12V issue - what should I do?

    Who is the Porsche dealer? Personally I would reject it. I picked mine up from Porsche Reading in late 2020 (MY21 4S) and have had no issues. I think they set-up the car/updated all the s/w and made sure everything worked before I took delivery. The only minor problem I have experienced...
  17. TAYC4S

    Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    Perhaps - don't 'jinx' it now ;-)
  18. TAYC4S

    Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    Whilst I don’t think the app is particularly functionally rich I actually have had zero problems with it since getting my car last year. I can control/manage the charging with profile or timers; I can control the preheating/cooling; flash the lights etc etc. As I mentioned, I would like richer...
  19. TAYC4S

    Charge Port Cover - Increased Drag

    Until some idiot rips it off whilst you are charging in public, in a fit of rage that is...
  20. TAYC4S

    4S Range is never more than 170 miles on a full charge.

    I agree completely but I would also say I have noticed a tiny improvement (and I mean tiny) if you have the regenerative button set to automatic as opposed to on or off. Automatic is set by pressing and holding the button until the regen icon has an 'A' on it - in case you were not aware...