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  1. Home owners offering public charging services from their garage; Is that really a thing?

    Yeah, I hear the Bates motel has a charger. You might want to drop by.
  2. Charging At Porsche Dealers

    There is one fast DC charger installed at Porsche North Toronto. Any Taycan is welcome to use it. Just ask the receptionist for the pin. So if traveling from West London to Las Vegas, you should stop in. And as Porsche Canada head offices are located here, it's probably going to work.
  3. Advice on options

    Honestly, if you can find a way to swing it. Get the Battery Plus. You could find yourself quite constrained if you are doing anything more than short trips.
  4. World Premiere of the Taycan Cross Turismo!

    This might bring back station wagons.
  5. UK 12V issue - what should I do?

    MY2020 Update? I am feeling the love.
  6. My First Public Charge @ Electrify America (EA) - Massive Fail!

    You might want to consider leaving at least one thread open as it is likely to pop up in other places. Just my opinion.
  7. My First Public Charge @ Electrify America (EA) - Massive Fail!

    No offense taken, and I do not intend to pursue it beyond, its an expensive car and there is a problem with some aspects, charging and software. From some of the current threads from multiple posters there appears to be a consensus that this is the case, so we shall sit and see what happens...
  8. My First Public Charge @ Electrify America (EA) - Massive Fail!

    Defending the indefensible? You still don't get it. EV's are going mainstream. All kinds of people with little or great experience are buying them and you want to brush them off with user error? Volkswagen/Audi/Porsche have it within their power to fix the situation. Then we can all...
  9. Turbo / Turbo S vs 4s + sports design package

    Scarlett Johnsen needs a nose job? I didn't know that.
  10. My First Public Charge @ Electrify America (EA) - Massive Fail!

    .......just some of the experts
  11. My First Public Charge @ Electrify America (EA) - Massive Fail!

    The problem appears to lie across the entire VAG line. Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi? The left hand not talking to the right hand and they own the guy in the middle. Hence multiple APPS.
  12. Edmund’s - Model S vs. Taycan Comparison Review

    I note that Edmonds is sticking with the 323 range for the Taycan. Even if not true, the Taycan is competitive. But anyone buying a Taycan is doing it for the driving experience.
  13. My First Public Charge @ Electrify America (EA) - Massive Fail!

    Perhaps you should review posts of other reviewers on the EA network. Here, I will provide you with a recent video on the EA network. You can skip the non EV related parts. Based on what I have seen of his reviews and your comments, he is far more knowledgeable and sophisticated than appears...
  14. Turbo / Turbo S vs 4s + sports design package

    I just put the configurator up, side by side for the Turbo and 4S. the wording is exactly the same. I don't think there is a difference. It's just body panels.
  15. Turbo / Turbo S vs 4s + sports design package

    I have the sports design package on the Gentian Blue version. Expensive option. It was on the dealers floor model. Told him I wouldn't order it, so he gave it to me for free. It's subtle but, I think it makes the car look more aggressive. The side skirts have a little blue squiggle on the...
  16. PMCC Software Update This Morning

    This is interesting. So Porsche knows the entire charging history of your vehicle? I am thinking of warranty claims and resale value. Not likely to affect warranty claims as the recommendations by Porsche are just that, recommendations, though you might have to litigate. Resale gets more...
  17. 2nd gear

    There was an earlier thread that provided a link to Jalopnik which contains all the information you will probably ever want to know about shifting and a bunch of other stuff. With apologizes to the original poster, here...
  18. PMCC Software Update This Morning

    It had nothing to do with WIFI. The point I was attempting to make was that there appeared to be communication between the PMCC and the car just prior to the update installing. The destination charger had already finished and the car was finished charging. It took a couple of minutes to...
  19. My First Public Charge @ Electrify America (EA) - Massive Fail!

    This is not accurate. The terms of the settlement agreement were determined by the EPA and California and dictate how EA is to spend the money. An amount that is far in excess of any amount that has been spent before and under the agreement is open to all EV manufacturers. The concern is that...
  20. How to Road Trip in a Taycan - Tips & Suggestions

    Totally agree with this. I trust PetroCanada more than I do EC. The biggest issue is you have to put the PC stations in manually and then they only last 30 days (I think).