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  1. felixtb

    Navigation just got so much better! A better Route Planner just released their new version 4.0.35 for iOS

    ABRP or A better Route Planner just released their new version 4.0.35 for iOS and it is CarPlay compatible! So finally we have super accurate navigation in our cars.... the only thing is that we can not get the map into the controls screen which would have been optimum :)
  2. felixtb

    My Taycan R modified with custom striping and HRE wheels...... Gulf livery look

    My car finally with custom striping and HRE Vintage Series 935 wheels.
  3. felixtb

    When the VIN is available and it is communicated via MY Porsche where in the build to delivery cycle are we?

    Was communicated my VIN via the My Porsche app last week but still not a single word from my dealer when my car should be coming..... Does anyone know how far down the production cycle the car is at the point when Porsche communicates the VIN to the presumed customer...?
  4. felixtb

    Porsche Switzerland just closed until further notice......

    So Corona is winning the short game... at least in Central Europe. The Swiss federal government just decreed that all businesses non essential to living...... Porsche is essential no....?! :-) ....... Will be closed until there is a handle on the COVID-19 situation in Switzerland........ :-(...
  5. felixtb

    Surprise in Verbier CH - truck full of Taycans

    Arrived in my usual skiing village after a long week at the office. And what do I see........ they are packing up a full days worth of Porsche Experience with 5 Taycans (2 Gentian Blue and 3 volcano Grey). Just had time to snap these photos. But as far as I can understand it is the first such...
  6. felixtb

    Configuring on the 4th!

    Just got a mail from my dealer that she wants me to come in on the 4th to configure my car. :-)
  7. felixtb

    Possible Taycan color options...........

    Updated with new renderings on a new photo: Just for fun I tired to mimic the color choices of the 911 but obviously without being able to go metallic. So here are the: White Black Guards red Racing yellow Gentian blue Night blue Aventurine...