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  1. PORSCHE TAYCAN in the SNOW (4K)

    I went on a little family trip last weekend and attached the GoPro to the front of the Taycan: It's only a short driving video through some of the Belgium Ardennes. I actually had a lot more footage, but I wasn't really happy with it, so I threw it away.
  2. Always charging to 100%

    I made a video of my settings: It charges up until 85% with a minimum charge of 25%. And it has a timer to be ready by the time I leave for work (although since Covid-19 I have been working at home ..)
  3. PORSCHE TAYCAN in the SNOW (4K)

    Well .. I have a trip planned with my hobby project in April towards Monaco .. Heading towards Route de Turini, D2220 (Red Rock Road), Route Napoleon, etc, ... And another one in the Belgian Ardennes in March. Might be Luxembourg if they open up the borders earlier...
  4. PORSCHE TAYCAN in the SNOW (4K)

    That's accurate :)
  5. ICE GREY Taycan Club

    Pretty cool colour!
  6. PORSCHE TAYCAN in the SNOW (4K)

    So .. I got myself a GoPro Hero 9 for my birthday last Friday. Looking for something to shoot, I created a short Taycan video. You can check it here: I'm pretty satisfied for my first video. It's not special, just me driving in my neighbourhood with the last bits of snow on the road...
  7. Présentation

    Belgium here as well! Other side of the country though :)
  8. Charge another car with Taycan?

    I'm going to follow the advice here and just get a booster. At this point I'm pretty confident, she'll need it again in the future ...
  9. Charge another car with Taycan?

    My moms car broke down .. she drives once every couple of weeks and the car sits outside .. So I want to charge it .. but I think I'll just use my wifes car.
  10. Charge another car with Taycan?

    Can you use the battery in a Taycan to charge / boost another (petrol) car (with a dead battery)? In a non-EV you can easily link another cars battery to your battery and start it like that. Is this also possible with a Taycan? And how?
  11. Show your home charging setup for your Taycan

    Alfen Eve Single Pro-line, 11 kW. I used the have the Porsche Connect Charger (actually I still have it, but it's in a box), but that one doesn't work with a HEM and a transformator. I have a transformator to get to 11 Kw.
  12. Setting up charging to 85% for novice

    I added a timer, because I always leave at the same time. I made small video about it: Typically I charge 2 - 3 times per week. I haven't charged this week at all, because of Corona ..
  13. How can I change my country flag?

    It says UK .. but I've put "Belgium" in my location ..
  14. CHALK Taycan Club

    Aerokit and chalk seem to be a hit!
  15. Getting dirty ..

    Do your Taycans also get dirty very quickly? None of my other cars seem to get so dirty .. I have a Gyeon coating on my gentian blue Taycan and it doesn't seem to help .. Even my wife made a comment about it today ..
  16. Service campaign / software update notice

    As a software engineer .. the fact it says "SNAPSHOT" is not a good sign ..
  17. About the timers

    I guess you're right. I recorded a small video to show you my settings. It confirms your analysis: I would have expected the calculation to be more dynamic or that the requested level had priority over the calculation, but apparantly not. No worries needed :)
  18. About the timers

    That's all I have .. Do I need more?
  19. About the timers

    I can charge at 11 kW at home. I have timer that 'hard charges' until 25% then goes to 85% by the time I generally leave for work. However, most of the time the charge is not 85% .. Often it is 86 or 88 or ... Does this make sense? Am I doing something wrong or do you have the same behaviour?