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  1. Satin_Volcano

    Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Hahahaha, Let me guess Felicity Ace? Thats the turtle my cars on
  2. Satin_Volcano

    New poster, new car spec configuration - advice please :)

    Id add Mission E wheels in black along with the sport side skirts.
  3. Satin_Volcano

    How would you spec differently next time?

    I don't get my car till the end of the month and think its close to the perfect build. What i'd add.. 4s to Turbo S HUD Carbon Aero package -unless upgrading to Turbo S
  4. Satin_Volcano

    PSCB Brake Order Delay

    My build was in December, I ordered Mission E wheels..No issues. Mine is on a ship now headed my way
  5. Satin_Volcano

    Car Touchscreen Protector for Taycan - review

    I agree, I think ill take a few finger prints then that tacky screen protector
  6. Satin_Volcano

    Electric system fault

    I have to say I am getting a little worried, so many posts about problems
  7. Satin_Volcano

    Is $157K MSRP too much for 4S

    170usd though...I am into mind for 175 Cdn, thought 170usd would get you a turbo well spec'd
  8. Satin_Volcano

    Arghhhh! Accidentally forgot to black out window surrounds...

    I think if you went black Mission-E wheels like I did you gotta do the black door trims..Looks good with the Turbo style wheels Let me ask you this, how many of you saw the free option to change the door sills to black aluminum ...I caught it a few days prior to my order being locked
  9. Satin_Volcano

    Is $157K MSRP too much for 4S

    Mine came in at 175k (canadian) if your at 157 USD we will have a similar spec
  10. Satin_Volcano

    Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Mine is built and on a boat...3 weeks I am hoping
  11. Satin_Volcano

    Taycan vs 911 (Which to buy)

    I had the exact same delima, In fact I had a 911 4s built and ready to order. My GF and I went into porsche to sign all the docs and put a deposit down...she said lets take the Taycan for a test drive while we wait. I agreed...After that it was over. The Taycan offered more room as a daily...
  12. Satin_Volcano

    ICE GREY Taycan Club

    I really don't get the upcharge for some of the colors, Ice grey is so close to white, They should have up charged the Mahogany, Mamba and maybe Neptune
  13. Satin_Volcano

    Just placed my order!

    Looks good, Chalk was in the running for me as well. Only thing I would add is the sport side skirts
  14. Satin_Volcano

    Rate my build

    Mission E wheels
  15. Satin_Volcano

    Playing movies on passenger screen?

    Hey, I am getting my 4s in about 3 weeks and curious if the passenger screen can be re programmed to have movies stream for the passenger. Let me know if there is a hack for that Thanks
  16. Satin_Volcano

    Massage seats?

    Can you explain how that is set up or done?
  17. Satin_Volcano

    Taking Care of Your Baby for the Fun of it

    This is what I did and what my wife allowed for my Summer car, I will figure out something cool for my Taycan Love to see pics when you are done