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  1. andrewket

    Turismo availability in US

    I inquired with my dealer what the impact of switching my order to a Turismo would look like. I was told the first allocations in the US will arrive August/September but they’re limited to the 4. The first 4S/Turbo models won’t arrive until December/January. I’m a bit surprised by this. Has...
  2. andrewket

    Porsche Taycan Configurator Online. Share Your Build!

    When did you order? I ordered in Feb and am in production now and all-season was not a forced option.
  3. andrewket

    New Technology package

    So if this is correct, it does mean my car that is being built as I type this has seen a price reduction of approx $1k. Lovely...
  4. andrewket

    Production Phase question

    I’m just a few days ahead of you in the process. From what I can see the “track your dream” site has more steps, and perhaps is a bit more accurate as a result. If you look at what the next step is on the main site, it‘s “your vehicle has been produced”.
  5. andrewket

    New Technology package

    So how does Porsche generally handle price changes post order but when the car has not yet been delivered? Edit: I just loaded my config and added the technology package. I already had all the options selected, with the exception of active parking: - It reduced the price by $1,030 - It added...
  6. andrewket

    Navigation just got so much better! A better Route Planner just released their new version 4.0.35 for iOS

    It does take elevation and speed into account. You can tweak the speed input as an offset to the speed limit of the road. You can also tweak the maximum SOC you will charge and the minimum SOC you’re willing to arrive with. Adjusting both of these will reduce stops, of course with potential...
  7. andrewket

    ICE GREY Taycan Club

    I was able to see Ice Grey next to Carrera white and crayon at my dealer and it made the decision much easer for me. Ice Grey has chameleon properties. The res interior with it looks great. My wife wasn’t a huge fan and I was worried I would grow tired of it in a year. I’m a bit worried about...
  8. andrewket

    Bjørn Nyland a.k.a Teslabjorn quick review of Audi RS e-Tron GT

    I would thumbs up twice if I could. It’s possible the software update could make it better.
  9. andrewket

    Bjørn Nyland a.k.a Teslabjorn quick review of Audi RS e-Tron GT

    I’ve hears of a few kids getting their fingers squished by the retracting handles on the Model S. Have you tried - opening your door (just a little), then opening the rear door to put in the kid? I suspect with the door ajar the handles will stay up. Or the reverse - don’t close the back door...
  10. andrewket

    EA App Update - New Icon + massive release notes!! Maybe they are listening!!

    The app has a place to register for private plans, including comp charging from a car manufacturer. Wow would the experience be better if Porsche used this.
  11. andrewket

    Bjørn Nyland a.k.a Teslabjorn quick review of Audi RS e-Tron GT

    I agree on your first point. The button to open the frunk is electronic. It may be a button, but it’s not going to work without 12v. Re the handles, I suspect some prefer each style. I personally like the retracting handles.
  12. andrewket

    ICE GREY Taycan Club

    :like: An entire day? I changed it with 4-5 hours left, and the interior from red to chalk. It’s been sitting with me much better so I think I made the right choice. What’s your gut to tell you? I sure hope Ice Grey doesn’t become super popular :)
  13. andrewket

    Bjørn Nyland a.k.a Teslabjorn quick review of Audi RS e-Tron GT

    He only had an hour with the car so it’s quick and incomplete.... It made me more comfortable with my decision to go with the Taycan.
  14. andrewket

    Edmund’s - Model S vs. Taycan Comparison Review

    Tesla wins on charging infrastructure. Not to kick the hornets nest, but if the charging reliability on EA is solved and they continue to expand, Porsche arguably wins charging with the 800V pack. Edit: obviously a US centric view, although I suspect Tesla has a leg up in almost all parts of...
  15. andrewket

    2nd gear

    Thanks for re-sharing the article. Somehow I had missed this one and it was informative.
  16. andrewket

    Just ordered 19.2 kW AC On-Board Charger.

  17. andrewket

    Just ordered 19.2 kW AC On-Board Charger.

    My mistake then. For some reason I thought 3 phase was more common for residential in the EU.
  18. andrewket

    Just ordered 19.2 kW AC On-Board Charger.

    I checked in with my sales rep. He has not received any indication that the 19.2kW charger was removed from my order or that any problem exists. My car went into production within the past 24 hours and as far as he can see it’s being built with it.
  19. andrewket

    Production Taycan Cross Turismo LEAKED!

    I would prefer a sport Turismo but would be ok if I could remove the black bits or order them color to match. Had I known two months ago that the Turismo was coming and I could get the same discount I probably would have gone this way. Perhaps a 4S instead of the Turbo. The resale market for...