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  1. New Technology package

    Yes possible it is included. Pretty insane they do such a poor job explaining and no definitive answer that I can find on the web. I have asked dealership but in my experience this Forum is way more savvy and knowledgeable than Porsche ambassadors!
  2. New Technology package

    ahh - you may have identified the reason - very strange compromise... I would indeed agree that LCA is more valuable and real safety feature. I wonder why Porsche is pushing the "active parking" that in my experience is never that good and always prefer parking myself
  3. New Technology package

    To clarify: the primary reason for the “discount” is not on the individual items but actually because, although not specified, Adaptive Cruise Control is also included and that is "worth" 2k USD:
  4. New Technology package

    The change in the configuration tool (US) with the new technology package seems to provide a 2k USD discount vs the individual options. But strangely when selected one gets the parking assist (along with HUD and passenger display) but removes the lane change assist that can no longer be selected...
  5. 2021 Taycan RWD base model reviews are here!

    In addition to the beautifully shot “smoking tire” one above here is another new good ones for our admins to add to the list by editing the initial post:
  6. Another World Record for Taycan: Sets Indoor Speed Record @ 102 MPH

    This forum has the best admin ever. Instantly improving titles of threads. Adding extra videos in posts. You guys are so so on top of it 👏👏👏
  7. Another World Record for Taycan: Sets Indoor Speed Record @ 102 MPH

    They really are finding some weird ones. Very Tesla like of Porsche to go after these. Must drive Elon crazy. This one (fastest indoor run) does look cool and is short to look at:
  8. 2021 Taycan RWD base model reviews are here!

    Video review from Autocar: another one saying the base Taycan is the very best of all the Taycan to drive:
  9. 2021 Taycan RWD base model reviews are here!

    That Top Gear one is incredible: “I’ve driven the slowest Taycan and the fastest one and you know what? I prefer this one to the Turbo S. »
  10. 2021 Taycan RWD base model reviews are here!

    Thank you for gathering these in 1 place. Just went through all the reviews and it is unanimous that handling and feel of the base version are at least just as good as any of the Taycan trims. Literally (other than people living in snow) the only reason for the 25k USD extra of a 4S is for...
  11. Taycan RWD slots all taken (in CA)

    Thnaks @Tay Tay : I see your point in the sense that AWD will already handle corners better (or if not better I guess more safely). My thinking was that on RWD it is effectively just adjusting 1 wheel rather than balancing all 4, so felt like less value... also with the RWD version being less...
  12. Car cover from Porsche

    I have just seen this post as I was looking for a cover. I must say very impressive that this customized cover for Taycan has over 40,000 reviews for a car that has sold just 20,000 units in all!! :clap:
  13. Taycan RWD slots all taken (in CA)

    Good news - by blasting this widely I have found dealerships in California who can get me the car! So now I need to lock this down and there is 1 remaining option I am anguishing over: PTV+ take it or not? It was for me a no brainer on the AWD to take Torque Vectoring Plus, but I don't see the...
  14. Taycan RWD slots all taken (in CA)

    I think because my 4S performance package has some options that are simply not available in 4S and I may have switched out a few things between the 2 builds (like decided that I was better off taking Innodrive as a "on demand" option with monthly payments).
  15. Taycan RWD slots all taken (in CA)

    Do you know if one would still qualify for the CA rebate ($1500) by buying out of state?
  16. Taycan RWD slots all taken (in CA)

    I am trying to order a base model Taycan. My build is super heavily optioned (43k) and I realize that I may be having a penalty on resell, but it is still 26k cheaper than the same config in 4S and I like the fun of a RWD. also AWD should be worth no more than 5-7k more - not 25+k!. anyway would...