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  1. Issues with Apple Music and Bluetooth

    Ive have notifield Porsche GB of all my issues including these items and my Turbo is going into the dealership next Wednesday to try and get them all rectified
  2. Director as registered keeper rather than the limited company

    youll enjoy the journey mate i had a 400 mile drive home from the dealership when i collected mine
  3. Issues with Apple Music and Bluetooth

    ive tried having 1 and 2 phones connected and same issues
  4. Key fob flashing red?

    Cheers Pal
  5. Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    Ive got it on a Bentley Continental and i find it very distracting, so when i was building my Taycan Turbo i i made sure I didn’t add it
  6. Key fob flashing red?

    My key does this too sometimes, I was going to ask my local dealer but no point as they are F**cking useless Might be worth asking @LukeManning as he seems to be the only Porsche dealer who is helpful

    Ive had mine over 3 months and I've still not seen another one!
  8. U.K. Owner and delivery date list

    Hi Pal it was a pod point error (wasnt installed correctly!!!!!) it worked fine on my X5 Hybrid as it only charges at 3kw but wouldn’t work on the Taycan as it draws 7kw all sorted now so I’m sure you’ll be fine
  9. Turbo Spec in

    Passenger doesn't work on Apple car play So if you're using Apple Music or Apple maps the screen is useless
  10. Feedback on carbon wing mirrors (+ wheels)?

    Hi Pal i have the high gloss black mission E wheels on my turbo and i like them, ive seen the carbon aero blades and they are only inlays so i if they got damaged I believe you would only replace the damaged ones on each wheel regards the carbon mirrors i understand what you mean, my opinion...
  11. Electric sound

    I was told that the prices would be the same as the configurator, some options can be paid for monthly/annually others are just permanently
  12. Electric sound

    I haven’t seen the price for it on FOD that was the price when adding the option on the configurator, what i was trying to say was that if they charge £774 for something that is just a software update then surely the sports sound at £354 must be able to be added as software too
  13. Just ordered Taycan Turbo in the Uk, spec locked next week....advice

    Hi Pal I'll help where I can as I have/had a Turbo myself I won't comment on the items I'm not sure about - Innodrive is very good but you need to hold the steering wheel or it starts alarming! (Don't have this issue in the Bentley Continental which has the same tech) - panoramic roof has no...
  14. UK Taycan Insurance

    After having my turbo for 7 weeks I’m actually swapping it on Thursday for a Bentley continental. The car drives really well but the PCM just isn’t usable! The car has so many gremlins its such a shame Porsche GB and the dealerships couldn’t care less, they don’t seem to be in any rush to...
  15. Service campaign / software update notice

    it doesn't seem to matter, sometimes it just decides not to work at all!
  16. Service campaign / software update notice

    another thing i have noticed since the software update is that when i press MEMORY SEAT 1 button the seat doesn't move fully into position, i have to press 2-3 times till the seat is finally correct each time i press it moves a little bit more
  17. Isn't it supposed to be "Hey Porsche"?

    Mine mistakes the word Bullshit for "hey Porsche"
  18. Service campaign / software update notice

    I get the same issue where I occasionally have to press the start button! Regarding car play I don't get that issue but I do have loads of others! one big annoying issue with the PCM is that when I'm on a call it drops from the car back to my phone, sometimes the call is still showing on the...
  19. Must have UK options

    if your car was ordered before the Budget in March and your dealership applied for the OLEV grant (prior to the budget)then it should still be valid, there were no timescales put on this, people assumed it was 6 months as that was the timescales given in previous budgets when the grant was...
  20. Road Trip to Southampton

    i know what you mean, i stopped at the first charger which was shown as a 50kw charger after 10 mins i thought something wasn't correct and realised i was using the 3kw meant for a nissan!!!!