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  1. innodrive versus standard lane keep assist

    Pretty sure the lane keep assist has steering assist as well. The innodrive uses gps maps to slow down on corners etc.
  2. Help in Configuring a Taycan 4S

    Wouldn't take any of those. To me it's more like a heavy gt car than a sports car. Drove the Panamera 4 E-hybrid and it felt so nimble for the size I was thinking it must have the 4 wheel steering specced. Turned out it didn't. I'm sure the Taycan has very impressive handling out of the box for...
  3. 2020 Taycan 4S Revealed by Porsche!

    People still love driving classic cars even though modern cars are objectively better. I don't think that's going to change.
  4. News on when Taycan 4S will be announced?

    Probably the smaller front brake discs with red calibers.
  5. Press Release: Digital, clear, sustainable: the interior of the new Porsche Taycan!

    I think I read somewhere that sport plus and individual drive modes would only be available with the chrono. Not sure if this is correct and also not sure what's the difference between sport and sport plus.
  6. Press Release: Digital, clear, sustainable: the interior of the new Porsche Taycan!

    So does anyone happen to know what features are included in the sport chrono option?
  7. Range

    Some other photos of the range display: Obviously it adjusts the range according to speed, driving style and the drive mode selected. Several independent road testers have been driving the Taycan around Scandinavia so I think we should get some impressions pretty soon:
  8. Range

    Hey guys just an idea. Should we start talking about the Taycan? If I wanted to know more about Tesla I'd be on a Tesla forum. It would be a pity if actual facts about Taycan's real world range would go unnoticed because of all this Tesla crap.
  9. Comparison of prices around Europe and North America

    Tax free price for the turbo in the UK is around 108k euro.