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  1. Enough Complaining, Let's talk about what we love about the Taycan and why we bought it.

    I totally get a lot of the frustrations but have to say I am very impressed for a gen 1 EV car that Porsche was able to produce. Of course the fit and finish was going to be good but am impressed with the electronic are not super flakey or buggy. I run into a few “now why would they do it that...
  2. ** WARNING on Installing Porsche Connect App 4.4 - 2nd Update **

    If you haven’t done so already, I would delete the app from your phone and then redownload/reinstall the app.
  3. When you exit the car, do you "turn it off" or not? (POLL)

    I asked the same question a few months ago. My dealer told me to just put it in park, lock and walk away. If I am just running into the store or coffee shop, I don’t press the off button.
  4. Model year 2020 wireless carplay

    Once your phone is connected to the dongle, go to on your phone. It will show if you need a firmware update.
  5. Model year 2020 wireless carplay

    I used the cplay2air in my Cayenne and it worked flawlessly. I bought a new one and am using it in my Taycan. Not having as much success. A lot of times when I get in after the car has sat for a while, I get the connection screen but only shows . . . instead of the car's name. I have to unplug...
  6. 20” tires for the winter suggestions

    Love the pzero winter tires. Super smooth, quiet and good performance. Highly recommended.
  7. 20” tires for the winter suggestions

    I went with P Zero Winters. It doesn't ice or snow here much but will be below 45F for the next few months.
  8. Android phone for calling in the car and iPhone for Apple Car Play

    That’s an interesting question. I know when I connect my iPhone via CarPlay, it does disconnect from Bluetooth. Have you gone into the device settings on the Taycan? You can have multiple phone and select what type of connection you want for each. I have had to turn off CarPlay a couple times...
  9. OK to full charge to 100% regularly?

    Charging it to 100% will shorten the life of the batteries but it’s debatable how much shorter it would be. As others have mentioned, all makers put in a buffer so you truly never get to the actual 100%. Tesla had an anticipated failure rate of their batteries and they are lasting way longer...
  10. Brakedust with standard vs PSCB brakes

    I have standard brakes and don’t get much brake dust. Don’t the the disc is used much. I have owned many different porches and agree with the poster above. All my other porsches produce a ton of dust.
  11. First Taycan 4S Traded In!

    I know this is a crazy work around but get a cheap iPhone and leave it in the car. That is what I do.
  12. Favorite Voice Control Commands

    I have been using the voice control feature more and more. Mostly to change radio channels, but sometimes to change the temperature settings. We should create a cheat sheet for what it can be used for. Anyone else using it routinely?
  13. Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    I have left my car on for an hr while detailing it with no battery issues. Stayed at 13+ V. So strange.
  14. New PCM Features for Taycan - Apple Podcasts & Music’s Time-Synced Lyrics for Passenger Display [2021 now equipped with Wireless Apple Carplay]

    Since they are waiting until Jan to release the update for current cars, I bet it will be a minor PCM update to squash some bugs. If you are going to do an update, include some fixes. Wish it included wireless apple car play. It bugs me that I really can’t leave the lightning cable running...
  15. Wheel/Tire storage bags

    Anyone have a suggestion on good storage bags? About to switch to winter tires. I purchased the storage bags that they sell at tire rack and found that they really don’t protect the wheels very well, even with the felt.
  16. Ready for winter

    I am putting my winter seat together. I purchased a set of 20” Aero wheels and had them shipped from Germany. I am going to purchase P Zero Winter tires from the dealer and have them do the mounting/balance. I would prefer an all season tires because we really dont get much snow/ice. It just...
  17. Bose or base audio system?

    I haven’t heard the base system but am pretty pleased with the Bose. Normally, I think the Bose systems are over rated; I have had many cars with Bose in them. This system has great stereo separation, good highs and lows. The bass is actually really good. It doesn’t distort at high volume (I...
  18. Software Update

    Sorry about that. I think it’s the same WLG2 update others have posted.
  19. Software Update

    I got a call from my dealer about a month ago that I needed to bring in my 4S for a software update they said was fairly critical. I asked what was critical about it and they said the vehicle may not go into park, reverse drive in a rare instances. I didn’t grab a screen shot of software version...