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  1. felixtb

    Taycan Turbo faster than Turbo S - drag times (VBOX data)

    On other EVs it usually does.....
  2. felixtb

    Panoramic fixed glass roof v Aluminium roof

    Definite issue on my Model 3 when it’s hot out I get a headache from the heat radiating through the glass roof...... was never a problem on the Model S or X but 3 yes.......
  3. felixtb

    BLACK / JET BLACK Taycan Club

    Is that in Switzerland or France.....? Seems to be the same cars I saw in Verbier the other day. :-)
  4. felixtb

    Charging planner

    completely agree!!
  5. felixtb

    Range still promising

    looks good!! :)
  6. felixtb

    Super Bowl Commercial "The Heist" Starring the Taycan

    let me first say that i loved the add!!! and am going to the super bowl and will love it when it shows on the big screens. However, Dee i am not sure this is very faire. i think one can be a fanboy of both Tesla and Porsche. And i know for you. range does not seam to be a concern, probably...
  7. felixtb

    Super Bowl Commercial "The Heist" Starring the Taycan

    completely agree wonderful add and only quoted my own initial be-wonderment to say i was previously off. :)
  8. felixtb

    Charging planner

    i tend to agree with most of your thoughts but can’t go non electric..... so i’m still in.........
  9. felixtb

    Super Bowl Commercial "The Heist" Starring the Taycan

    But a damn good add!!!!!!!! :cool:
  10. felixtb

    Surprise in Verbier CH - truck full of Taycans

    Arrived in my usual skiing village after a long week at the office. And what do I see........ they are packing up a full days worth of Porsche Experience with 5 Taycans (2 Gentian Blue and 3 volcano Grey). Just had time to snap these photos. But as far as I can understand it is the first such...
  11. felixtb

    Suspension sure seems high.

    Air suspension. Probably taken over a threshold or down from the truck with suspension adjusted for maximum clearance.
  12. felixtb

    My 4S Build

    not available on ipads or iphones. but is there on any computer
  13. felixtb

    New Porsche Owner needs help with Homelink

    I know there was a similar problem with the first Model 3s to come to Europe. the home link system was loaded for US frequencies and so when you programmed it seemed to take the frequency codes but in reality it did not understand what the codes ment due to difference in frequencies...... wonder...
  14. felixtb

    Is Your Dealer Showing You The Love?

    wow! I only got invited to the local launch day..... but it’s a Saturday and my kid races on weekends so that’s a no go..... :-(
  15. felixtb

    Attention: Site software upgrade coming

    yes Tye. really nice job!
  16. felixtb

    Official Taycan Owners Registry

    nice sight! :clap: