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  1. Concerns about panoramic roof and sun

    OK, so here's my dilemma. I have spec'd my Turbo, driven one, twice and absolutely love it. However, I'm really concerned about the Panoramic roof. When test driving it was 50 degrees and sunny. I definitely felt the sun on my head-not good! So here's my potential solutions: 1. Wait 6 months...
  2. Panoramic fixed glass roof v Aluminium roof

    Does anyone have any insight as to whether the glass roof increases the heat load in the car compared to the aluminum roof?
  3. Viewing videos / movies on passenger screen

    Tesla now allows you to watch videos on the screen ONLY when the car is in park, as in while you're sitting there waiting for the charging to complete. Don't know why the Taycan can't do the same.
  4. Taycan has custom Bose sound system

    I found it exhilarating without any drama. In the short time I was driving it seemed natural and uncannily responsive. I did drive a Tesla several years ago and found the acceleration amazing but was left cold with the rest of the car. Not so with the Taycan.
  5. Taycan has custom Bose sound system

    I got 5 minutes behind the wheel of a Turbo being delivered yesterday and my first impressions of this very short drive are: 1. It is the smoothest, best handling car I've ever driven, including my M5, Alpina B6 and all that preceded it. 2. Great sound with the Bose. 3. Very comfortable and...
  6. Forum member test drives

    Wonderful review! Please update after you've driven the car for a week or so. You're the only source for good info at present. Thanks.
  7. Forum member test drives

  8. EPA Taycan Turbo

    As I meant to say earlier in addition to the very low mileage numbers there is also the issue here in the states that the charging infrastructure hardly exists making the very low range even worse.
  9. EPA Taycan Turbo

    Everyone can opine and justify the low numbers and compare the car to its competitor, tesla, and point out how much better looking it is and how its a real sports car BUT the numbers are still really disappointing.Period.
  10. EPA Taycan Turbo

    These are really disappointing numbers. It doesn't even take into account the additional drain in very hot or cold temperatures or aggressive acceleration. Hopefully one of the mags will do a real world daily driver test to see what the numbers are in real world.
  11. Charging adapters for Tesla superchargers?

    Figured but hope springs eternal...
  12. Charging adapters for Tesla superchargers?

    I'm waiting for a Turbo this spring and was wondering if anyone has any idea/information whether there are, or will be adapters that would allow the Taycan to charge at a Tesla Charging station? Here in NY there aren't more than a few Electrify America charge points.