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  1. WalterG

    Software Update Has New Features for 2020 Taycans

    FWIW, mine is like this too. My dealer performed the MY20 software update on my car but the OTA module needed to be replaced. I picked up the car to use it while we wait for the module to arrive from Germany. The only thing that doesn't work for me is that I can't login as me so I am logged...
  2. WalterG

    Software Update Has New Features for 2020 Taycans

    I went back to the EA Burlington, MA mall to try plug&charge again, and unfortunately it did not work. I tried 3 stations there and they all worked by activating the app but none of them worked by just plugging in for plug&charge. It seems that when I thought it worked the first time on...
  3. WalterG

    Software Update Has New Features for 2020 Taycans

    I did notice the “complimentary charging“ message tonight on the two EA sessions. I do not remember seeing it for my session in Burlington on Saturday when I first got excited that plug and charge was working. I’ll go back there tomorrow to try it again.
  4. WalterG

    Software Update Has New Features for 2020 Taycans

    Do you see the transactions for any of those sessions in your charge NA app? Or the Connect app? Or the EA app? Maybe when plug and charge works it will register a transaction just like when you initiate the session from your app.
  5. WalterG

    Software Update Has New Features for 2020 Taycans

    Good news / bad news. I went to two different EA chargers today and both were offering complimentary charging (the good news). I haven't gone back to the charger I used last week - I'll do that tomorrow to check it. The complimentary charging makes it look like plug & charge is working...
  6. WalterG

    Software Update Has New Features for 2020 Taycans

    @daveo4EV I think suggested that my experience may have been due to the EA station being turned on at no cost due to a malfunction. It is kind of odd that I don't see a record of the charge in the Porsche Charge NA app or the EA app. I didn't have time to try another station over the weekend...
  7. WalterG

    What’s your Taycan efficiency?

    Here's mine. 4S 20" tires. From Dec 1 - March 15 I ran on Pirrelli snow tires. From Oct - Dec 1 and from March 15+ I'm on the Conti all seasons. Like others, I live in a cold climate so that hurt the efficiency during the winter. And I am a spirited driver :). Really happy with the range as...
  8. WalterG

    Announced: Software update for 2020 Taycan models 🤩

    Mine is a MY2020 4S (July 2020 build). There is one odd thing about my plug and charge session today - I don’t see any record of it in the Charging NA app, the Connect app or EA app. Does anyone else who has used plug & charge show a record of the charging session in one of those apps? I was...
  9. WalterG

    Announced: Software update for 2020 Taycan models 🤩

    OMG - PLUG AND CHARGE WORKS WITH EA!!! I went to an EA station today, plugged in, the station immediately started whirring, and it quickly and successfully initiated a charging session. No fumbling with the app etc. Just plug and charge :) I brought the car in for the update Monday. They...
  10. WalterG

    New England Charging -- Boston to Lake Placid

    If you take the pike instead, you will have no problem - you'd need a 15min charge stop in Albany (and there are a couple of backup options). Taking 93/89 is more challenging - EA is putting three new chargers on that route but they aren't there yet. Here's the site and screenshot. Maybe if...
  11. WalterG

    Announced: Software update for 2020 Taycan models 🤩

    Mine is looking to be about the same. Dropped it off Monday morning and dealer says that it should be done tomorrow. It sure seems like a slow complex process. In any case, a couple of days is fine with me right now and I'm glad they are doing this for the 2020s.
  12. WalterG

    New software upgrade

    Awesome - thanks for sharing. Mine went in today for the update. Looking forward to the improvements. I spoke with Porsche NA last week and the agent said there is a Connect app update scheduled "soon" (whatever that means). Maybe that will add the lock/unlock functionality.
  13. WalterG

    85mi drive comparing range - Range Mode going and Sport+ returning

    Yesterday my wife and I had a small project to do that was about 85 miles away so decided to experiment with two different driving styles there and back to compare range. This is certainly not a scientific study but here’s what I found. The drive is mostly flat, about 80% highway and the...
  14. WalterG

    Sports Chrono or Rear Axle Steering?

    Flip a coin you'll like whichever you get :) I have both and really like both. RAS helps make the car more maneuverable - love how it turns. SC adds the dial on the steering wheel and Sports+ and I think Individual mode. I use Sports+ mode often and really enjoy it. It tightens suspension...
  15. WalterG

    Announced: Software update for 2020 Taycan models 🤩

    I'm guessing that Porsche is doing a rolling update with some number of VINs per day or week rather than turning it on for all at once. A pure guess on my part but given the complexity of the update they may want to do the upgrades methodically a few at a time to avoid overwhelming the central...
  16. WalterG

    A Return Taycan Roadtrip – 721 Miles Over 14 Hours — Experience and Range Results

    Lol - yeah, I’m pretty sure that my “spirited” driving on the NJ turnpike is nowhere near the track performance that Porsche designed Sport+ for.
  17. WalterG

    Our first Taycan roadtrip - 716 miles over 14 hours

    Thanks! I had two 350 chargers on my return trip where the charge rate was slow (one was 26kw and the other was 64kw). While I was in Durham, I also charged at a local EA station and the 350 charger delivered only ~60kw rate. In each of these cases, I stopped the charge and moved to a 150...
  18. WalterG

    My Turbo S woke up in German this morning....

    Mine occasionally speaks the nav directions using km instead of miles. The display still shows miles but every once in a while it it decides to speak in metric. It's just a little quirky.