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  1. Bruce Sargeant

    Porsche SA online here... ask your Taycan questions

    I'm interested in a paint to sample order. Do you know when this might be possible? Dealer's don't know so I'm assuming awhile. Thanks!
  2. Bruce Sargeant

    Possible Taycan color options...........

    Nice work! Love to see Mexico Blue!
  3. Bruce Sargeant

    Anyone place deposit on Taycan waitlist? What # are you on the list?

    I've had trouble signing up. I used the online entry at Porsche USA and picked my local dealer (Irvine Porsche) and they never contacted me. A few weeks later I visited...the sales guy claimed he had emailed (didn't) but I could sign up there, so I did. They wanted $2,500. Now 2 weeks later...