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  1. BenJL

    4S suspension height taller than Turbo or Turbo S?

    You may be right! The Turbo S are lower according to the brochure.
  2. BenJL

    How turn on pre cool before charging?

    Hi guys, I hope you are well. I still don’t know how to turn on battery pre-cool/pre-warn before charging (and, then, optimise the charging time) In fact, I don’t know how can I say to the vehicle that I will charge it at high voltage in a couple of minutes. Is it only with the GPS? I tried to...
  3. BenJL

    Porsche Taycan : plus techno que Tesla ? - Notre test ! - Mac4Ever

    Hi, it’s fun to see this video here! In fact it was my Taycan on this video and I help them to make this video. They tried to be very fair. Driss told me during filming that The Taycan is really close to supercars, even for the 4S. He appreciated that it’s possible make many launch control in...
  4. BenJL

    Gearbox anomaly

    Hi, I hope you are well and you appreciate your Taycan (and if you are still waiting for it, it worth the wait). Today, when I was on highways (and after some accelerations and braking due to traffic), I saw a yellow alert. It was in french but it said something like “gearbox anomaly, you can...
  5. BenJL

    Touching the rocker panel

    Hi guys, I have the feeling my Taycan touches often the rocker panel especially in parkings. I feel the vehicle. I can feel the vehicle rising and scraping slightly. But when I look underneath the vehicle, I don't see anything. What are the consequences in your opinion?
  6. BenJL

    What tires are on your Taycan?

    I have a taycan 4S with a 20' Turbo Aero wheels and I have Michelin. My dealer told me it's uncommon to have Michelin on Taycan 4S but very demanding. I don't know if it's true or not...
  7. BenJL

    Best Type2 cable (EU) for Taycan?

    Hi guys, Here in France, we have many Type2 public plugs and that is great. However, the cable is not there very often, you have to plug your own type2 cable. Porsche sells a type 2 cable but I don't know how fast is it. Do you know which (and where) type2 can I purchase, especially for...
  8. BenJL


    I tried this afternoon and it’s ok if you put only a hand (even 2 fingers !) on the steering wheel. it’s like there is a touch sensor.
  9. BenJL

    Glacier Blue Leds Accents - anyone have live picture of these lights on and off?

    Hi guys, I've taken delivery yesterday with this option. However, I don't see any animation. So... Do you know what is this "distinctive Coming Home/Leaving Home animation"?!
  10. BenJL


    I received my Taycan yesterday. Innodrive is amazing! I do NOTHING and the car follows others cars or lines. It’s unbelievable. When I was in a hard corner, I had the feeling the car would not follow the curve and I prefered to help the steering wheel but it was just the beginning. Do you know...
  11. BenJL

    Dealer addons

    Hi, I’ve just taken delivery of my 4S. Dealer offered me (in France): - a box with the key (and two key ring Porsche) - a Porsche Pen - many many documentation :CWL: (including a special book about the brand) - A bottle of champagne - Another cable to plug my taycan have a great Delivery!
  12. BenJL

    350 kWh on IONITY/Electrify America DC ?

    Thank you a lot for your quick answer! I’m so excited about Monday. I count the days like a children before Christmas. Unfortunately, If I believe ChargeMap, there is no charger in Paris more than 50kWh. Actually, there are only two 50kWh Chargers around Paris and the first IONITY charger is...
  13. BenJL

    350 kWh on IONITY/Electrify America DC ?

    Hi, I hope you are well! I will take delivery On Monday of my brand new taycan 4S with the DC converter option. However, I don’t understand why this converter is limited to 150 Kwh although you can charge up to 350kwh with IONITY or Electrify America. And I’m quite sure these chargers is DC...
  14. BenJL

    Glacier Blue Leds Accents - anyone have live picture of these lights on and off?

    yes but It looks like this animation is standard and even works without the blue glacier led. Can someone confirm it?
  15. BenJL

    Glacier Blue Leds Accents - anyone have live picture of these lights on and off?

    Honestly, I took this option but I regret it. My delivery is scheduled for next week and I don’t expect anything about that when I look at your pictures. Even if my taycan will be in blue Gentiane, this blue glacier seems so light. The option is well over-priced for me. Actually, the...
  16. BenJL

    Porsche SA online here... ask your Taycan questions

    Hi, thank you a lot for your message here! Do you know if OTA update will bring new features later this year on the Taycan? I thought more specifically about CarPlay WiFi and remote park assist (Taycan is large so it’s particularly useful to park remotely when your garage is small)
  17. BenJL

    Taycan Turbo Flat Out on Autobahn (269 kmh / 167 mph)

    It's insane! However, you've lost 11 km of range in 45 seconds.... :eek:
  18. BenJL

    Front fender vents

    I'm pretty sure that when I was in Frankfurt the front fender vents were closed on Turbo & Turbo S. However, they were open on the Mission-E.
  19. BenJL

    My Taycan 4S delivered in Germany

    Hi, Thank you a lot for these informations ! Which steering wheel do you have ? The standard one or the Sport Chrono Package Steering Wheel ? yeah ! Unfortunately, it's a Turbo S and not a Taycan 4S. The standard dashboard is not exactly the same. (the 4S has a Partial Leather Interior and...
  20. BenJL

    My Taycan 4S delivered in Germany

    Hi Henrik, Thank you a lot for your very great review ! Is it possible to post more pictures of your standard interior ? Especially the difference between leather and the "plastic" ? What is your personal thoughts on this interior ?