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  1. Delivery day!!! Volcano with satin PPF

    Dang, now you've got me thinking about wrapping mine in satin ppf (also cheers to another Calgarian - even if I haven't lived there for decades :P)
  2. Taycan as your only car?

    The Taycan is my only car, but I also live alone so that makes things easier. I don't have a charging point at home as I live in an apartment complex. I find myself generally using the car as I would any other gas-powered car with the exception of needing to charge it instead of filling up with...
  3. Have any of you had a problem-free Taycan experience?

    I've had the car for only a short period of time but my 2020 4s has been without fault so far. There are a couple of minor rattles but nothing unexpected for a new car IMO. This is also really the first year of production for a brand new car for Porsche so you usually expect teething troubles in...
  4. Taycan Turbo vs. tuned biturbo Corvette C8 drag races

    I think it's seriously impressive that the Taycan can hold its own against Emelia's C8. Don't forget the C8 was on drag tires and running on C16 race fuel. Both are awesome cars, for very different reasons.
  5. Gentian blue vs. Volcano Grey Metallic

    I was pretty set on the Gentian blue until I saw the Volcano grey in person. I still prefer the blue, but I also really liked the grey, so wound up going with it. The fact that the dealer had the car I wanted (colour aside) in stock also helped a lot in pushing me in that direction. If they...
  6. SPORT mode all the time?

    Yeah, it remembers the damper setting. I wish it would remember the regen setting too. That's easily set with the button on the wheel...but I'm a lazy bugger who prefers to set it and forget it for everything. I like sport mode too, honestly - if the car remembered the sport mode setting I...
  7. SPORT mode all the time?

    Like you, I have the 4s without the sport chrono package. I typically leave the driving mode in "Normal" with dampers on "Sport" and ride height at "Regular." I've found that for me this is the best balance of fun without having to constantly raise the nose for speed bumps and steep ramps. I...
  8. Electrify AMERICA - Anyone having trouble getting free charging at the local level?

    I've charged at the same EA charger twice now, and both times it was a pfaff to get it going, compared to using the chargepoint stations. I didn't ultimately have any issues getting the pre-paid charging to work, besides going through the song and dance with the app. Chargepoint is so much...
  9. would you buy taycan if it wasn't electric ?

    interesting question - i probably wouldn't personally because a taycan that isn't electric, to me, just screams "panamera." That said, the interior of the taycan, and the infotainment layout, controls, etc, feels more modern and inline with where i think cars are going in general. that would be...
  10. Volcano - which interior?

    I got my volcano grey with the slate grey leather and paldao wood - i think having something slightly different inside helps make the car feel a bit more unique (if that's your aim.)
  11. Members Say Hello Here!

    Welcome! That red looks amazing!
  12. Members Say Hello Here!

    Agreed! I grew up in Canada with all the same messy road issues. I really wanted the Gentian Blue but this one was in stock and really close to my desired spec so I grabbed it :)
  13. Members Say Hello Here!

    Hey folks, I wanted to drop a line and say "hi" to everyone here, and thank you all for the great information and discussions on this forum. I picked up a 2020 Volcano Grey 4s last week and have been really happy with it so far. It's been a fun week of discovery as I learn my way around the...