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  1. Snappy77

    Car Exterior Protection

    I'm in Phoenix, AZ, in other words the Sonoran Desert. I have the 10 mil version of the XPel product since rocks seem to be permanently suspended in the air here. I also did their heat reduction product on the windows, including clear on the windshield. The PPF is 10 year guarantee and the...
  2. Snappy77

    My Matte Black Taycan 4S with Xpel Stealth

    How do we know Altamimi is not Bruce Wayne?
  3. Snappy77

    Base interior vs all leather

    Love leather but not in an Arizona car. Very happy with my base interior.
  4. Snappy77

    Members Say Hello Here!

    Hey, Buck - not me. Picked mine up at Porsche Ontario. Congrats on your purchase! Now we must find the Irvine person!!
  5. Snappy77

    Vehicle locked with key inside!

    Doesn't make sense. With all the little glitches here and there I wonder if we don't overlook the obvious sometimes. Could be you need a new battery in that key or if the Fob is having problems? I would use the other key for a while and see if any of these problems persist.
  6. Snappy77

    WOW - check out this wrap on a Taycan!

    That's a "my money, my car" statement right there. I say right on and power to the people.
  7. Snappy77

    Morning Coffee Anyone!

    Everything looks perfect except the weather.
  8. Snappy77

    Folding door mirrors

    Even though I knew where my folding mirror button was I didn't know about all the other locking / unlocking settings. So, thanks. :)
  9. Snappy77

    Satin ppf applied to Gentian Blue Taycan

    Really is quite beautiful. Congratulations!
  10. Snappy77

    MY2021 Software update in the US- Porsche NA email...

    Like many of you, I also received the email today. My 2021 4S was manufactured in Feb. and I picked it up almost 2 weeks ago. However, I received the software update a few days ago (Saturday) at the dealership in Scottsdale, AZ.
  11. Snappy77

    How many miles on your Taycan?

    693 miles in 17 days. Half of it was the trip from the CA dealership to home in AZ. My work commute is a 7 minute walk so I'm always looking for reasons to drive it. Taking it to the dealership later this afternoon for the software upgrade.
  12. Snappy77

    Members Say Hello Here!

    Hello All, Picked-up my 2021 4S in Southern California last week, hopped in without any instruction and immediately drove it home to Phoenix, AZ. Thought I might have to end up spending the night in Blyth, CA but I figured out how to juice up and made it home with a huge smile on my face. It...