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  1. New Porsche Dashcam Available

    I could not find any spec’s. I learned about here in the forum and then emailed my dealer. Since it is Porsche there will not be any warranty issues. Others have installed the Blackvue, which is a good dashcam. However since it is not oem and per above post wired to fuse I would be concerned in...
  2. New Porsche Dashcam Available

    From my dealer today ="Good morning. I have ordered the part. It is coming from Germany. I will let you know when it arrives. Thanks, is this available now via the dealership? I agree with you about the electrical issues. If you go with the porsche product, porsche install then any problems...
  3. New Porsche Dashcam Available

    I understand about the battery and it goes under the seat but where did they connect it in the Taycan? aux port or fuse box? Thanks
  4. New Porsche Dashcam Available

    Thanks to an earlier post I checked with my dealer and they ordered the Dashcam for me and will install it. I did a lot of research re a dashcam for the Taycan. The biggest issue is you don't want to connect anything that could drain the 12 v battery. Although the Taycan has 2 aux ports one in...
  5. Taycan 4S Performance Battery - My Real World Range Test Update #2

    Very detailed information. The range was 419 K or 260 Miles. What was the exact percent of battery remaining when you achieved 260 miles ? I will be testing the range this weekend. I will be traveling 130 Miles with temperature around 95 degrees F or 35 celsius., desert conditions. I will put...
  6. DashCam for Taycan?

  7. DashCam for Taycan?

    Has anyone found a great rechargeable dash cam that does not have to be plugged into the car or hard wired
  8. Issues after software update how to fix

    Thanks guys for helping me. It turns out the comfort access options were checked. I unchecked them them rechecked, turned car off and now it works. I did take car to dealer and theyntold me it was a malfunction. Forum seems smarter the my dealer
  9. Issues after software update how to fix

    I do not see any setting for the courtesy opening so at this point i cannot resolve the issue,appears tb software related. Re memory seat, that i do control however it is not working correctly. When i unlock the car the seat does not return to memory position( memory triggered by FOB)I have to...
  10. Issues after software update how to fix

    Update: forum members were able to explain how to fix all the issues after update. Spoke with porsche shop mgr who called me and explained to him what forum members posted. He said some members have more info than what he is receiving I asked him does his technicians have a checklist after...
  11. Taycan software update - reported problems post update

    After update courtesy hood and trunk opening no longer work. Called dealer they told me they are aware of this issue but now seeing issues with gps/ navigation. Anyone know how courtesy opening actually works. Dealer implied sensor burned out with update. Not sure this makes sense
  12. Taycan software update - reported problems post update

    I just notice i have same issues with courtesy opening of trunk and hood on 2020 taycan after update. Let us know if your dealer is able to fix i just emailed my dealer
  13. Software Update Has New Features for 2020 Taycans

    Porsche’s new update is great for 2020 cars. It took dealer 15 hrs to install. Here are the great new features 1. smartlift, enables lift function and allows user to save locations for automatic lift for speed bumps, driveways etc 2. new display options 3. Apple car play now works without cable...
  14. Taycan software update - reported problems post update

    Not true! It took 2 days for new software to be installed in my 2020 Taycan and there were zero issues with the update. In fact apple carplay now works and there are some great new features
  15. Have any of you had a problem-free Taycan experience?

    MY only issues since owning the car are software related and the fact Porsche N America has untrained staff that are useless to speak to re problems. My software never worked right from day 1 then mysteriously 5 months later on March 1, 2021 everything started working. Dealer has no idea why...
  16. Mercedes Benz EQS vs Tayacn

    The EQS interior seems years ahead of the Taycan with the hyperscreen MB is offering. Check out youtube Autogefuhl video. MB IS CLAIMING THE RANGE WILL BE 435 miles. No pricing yet but will be available in Europe this year. i think the key will be the drive experience. The Taycan is fast...
  17. Taycan 4S gets 323 mile real world range in Edmunds EV range test!

    I was driving avg speed 65 mph and had AC on., normal setting. All driving was on a freeway. At the time i was unaware of the range mode option. I only learned about it by reading forum posts. With range mode i am looking forward to see what the range will be. My Taycan does have the...
  18. Announced: Software update for 2020 Taycan models 🤩

    Just received a call from my dealer they were notified my 2020 Taycan to receive 2 updates. Scheduled for next week
  19. Taycan 4S gets 323 mile real world range in Edmunds EV range test! Ddmunds listed the the range for a number of EV’s. Taycan’4 s significantly exceeds Porche’s 203 mi range. I easily have gone over 300 miles with the car
  20. Announced: Software update for 2020 Taycan models 🤩

    not all 2020 models will receive the update. Per my dealer only certain VIN model Taycan‘ s will be updated. Dealer said Porche’s press release only for very specific cars although not stated in the press release. service mgr also stated they have zero information re OTA UPDATES. Blind...