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  1. Fawad

    Patina Paint to Sample now available

    And it’s currently being sold
  2. Fawad

    Review our 4S build [Well, mine with input from Dad :p)

    Personally I’d only go for the sport side skirts and drop the rest of the design kit. This said I’d spend the money 21” wheels Mission E or Exclusive. They’ll have much more impact on the aesthetics than the sport design pack
  3. Fawad

    Taycan 4s parked on snow rolling forward - how why and wtf??

    I was doing no more than a max of 10mph and brakes in plenty of time (with only a slight pressure on the brake)
  4. Fawad

    Taycan 4s parked on snow rolling forward - how why and wtf??

    I’m with you on this one - my experience was slightly different but the concern was just as worrying. Driving at slow speed on some hail and the brakes couldn’t cope. The car didn’t stop at the giveaway and carried on. Fortunately there was no oncoming traffic. A serious issue that I’ll be...
  5. Fawad

    What you might want to know about 4s ownership

    Fabulous Summary. Mine is v similar to yours however I specced Red interior. You’ve got me thinking about rear wheel steering and PDCC for future model. BTW best car I’ve ever (niggles included)
  6. Fawad

    Porsche priorities a bit skewed!

    I sincerely hope you’re wrong. The first few weeks of ownership have been a bit of a love and hate affair. The car is back with Porsche and let’s hope hate will turn to love and the PCM will behave itself. They’ve had it a week and not a sound. Still I’ll enjoy the sounds of a burbling flat...
  7. Fawad

    My2021 UK car recall

    Something about a 911. This said the Taycan is just a brilliant everyday car. BTW my nick name is “Jammy”
  8. Fawad

    My2021 UK car recall

    Well I guess you’ll soon forget about the 23 days as long as there are no further issues. My 4S has gone back today however I’ve got a Brand New 992 4S (while I wait) Bring on the sunshine
  9. Fawad

    metal roof?

    Pan Roof all day long for me - you’ll welcome the additional light however you’ll have to weigh this up against the line of a metal roof which look great
  10. Fawad

    Surprise Gift from Porsche

    Fucking Hilarious
  11. Fawad

    My2021 UK car recall

    I sympathise. Mine going back this week. PCM has a mind of its own. Still look on the brightside, I’ll have a 992 C2 for a week
  12. Fawad

    Convince me to make the change!

    @Squarecircle @Squarecircle your advice has been appreciated. I think the best solution is Contract Hire as I don’t have to worry about residual, we’ll receive tax relief and from what I gather I can claim 50% of the VAT
  13. Fawad

    Convince me to make the change!

    @Squarecircle, not PCP?
  14. Fawad

    Convince me to make the change!

    Thanks @Squarecircle. I don’t plan to keep the car with a plan to move on after 24 or 36months. Are you saying that with outright purchase I’ll have to payback some of the relief. Is it safe to assume that the allowance upfront covers 5 years of depreciation
  15. Fawad

    Convince me to make the change!

    Hi, I’m still at loss and your advise would be appreciated. My choices are: purchase outright through my limited company OR Lease (HP/CH/PCP) for maximum tax benefits, which do you advise and if lease which type