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  1. plamichigan

    [US] - Over the Top - the well equipped EV home garage…for those that wish to "over do it"…

    Excellent post and one that will help a lot of users. Thanks @Dave EV. One question: are you saying your level 5 (50 am circuit) will allow the included-with -the-care mobile charger to be plugged in and run at 50 amps? I am using that charger at home (on a standard 115VAC 15 amp circuit) and...
  2. plamichigan

    Taycan 4S gets 323 mile real world range in Edmunds EV range test!

    I've posted separately that, in real-world conditions (meaning driving when it is 50 degrees, driving at typical highway speeds, accelerating sometimes like you just bought a sports car), the 200-mile range was realistic in fall-summer weather, and optimistic in really cold weather. However...
  3. plamichigan

    Taycan 4S gets 323 mile real world range in Edmunds EV range test!

    This is ideal conditions. It is also a testament to self-control, as I don't know anyone else that bought a Taycan S and drives it on the highway at 65 mph on dry pavement for hours! People driving at 65 mph on the highway in daylight and on dry roads would be unusual most places. You must be a...
  4. plamichigan

    How many miles on your Taycan?

    7600 miles since purchase last June. I am surprised I seem to be on the high mileage side. I am going to guess that at least 200 of those miles were extra driving to find a charger. PLA
  5. plamichigan

    Used Taycan prices

    Interesting data! Here is my comparison: 1. When originally purchasing (Taycan S, mid-2020), the residuals estimated for the purpose of leasing were terrible. I actually thought they made a math mistake. It was if they though the car would tank and were effectively refusing to lease. 2. My...
  6. plamichigan

    4S Range is never more than 170 miles on a full charge.

    Please see other posts, including a comparison between ideal-case (my assessment) in warm weather, and actual case (my driving) in cold weather. Two quick points (see the other posts and make your own evaluation of what the drivers are reporting): --your range in cold weather drops...
  7. plamichigan

    254 miles real-world range at 75 mph around freezing

    Kingse, your experience is matching mine. I have used--at least 3 times--Chevy dealers late at night for emergency charging. Also obscure library lots.
  8. plamichigan

    Expected mileage range drop

    My experience in Michigan (temperature in degrees Fahrenheit) in a taycan S: --mostly highway driving, very cold (under freezing): loss of about 20%, meaning 190 practical range even when fully charged, and possibly 180 miles--not the 240 shown when fully charged. --when 50-60 degrees, same...
  9. plamichigan

    254 miles real-world range at 75 mph around freezing

    Duly noted! Now, my experience this weekend with the same car, same state, nearly same route, but temperature is 50 degrees rather than under 20. Getting pretty much 100 miles actual to 100 miles estimated, meaning about 240 max miles on the 94Kw battery, Taycan S. This implies--again, same...
  10. plamichigan

    254 miles real-world range at 75 mph around freezing

    I'm happy to see this, but think this is close to ideal conditions: " I kept an average cruising speed of 75 mph... ... in Range mode ... while the A/C was in Eco mode at 20C/68F... ...the battery temperature was 19C/66F at start and increased further to 25C/77F during the trip." Plus, you had...
  11. plamichigan

    2020 Taycan 4S Risks?

    I have an early 4S. It is a fabulous driving car, very fast, and attracts attention. Under optimum conditions, it is a game-changing vehicle. If you spend $100K+ on a Taycan 4S, you have arguably the world's best vehicle of its type. The 4S all wheel drive system is great, too. (See note on...
  12. plamichigan

    Anyone get a 2021 Taycan auto-recognized when using an Electrify America charging station?

    I have multiple issues with charging at EA facilities. Problems include: --Connect doesn't connect --Charging NA app doesn't connect --Nobody answers phone on Porsche service --EA chargers that advertise 350 KW will only go to 75KW, or on a good day 150KW My workarounds: --close out completely...
  13. plamichigan

    ** WARNING on Installing Porsche Connect App 4.4 - 2nd Update **

    Thanks for explaining how to find the version number. Very difficult to find.