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  1. GlasgowTaycanCT

    Color-Matched Key Fob Covers

    I have a couple of days left. Will look in the configurator! Cheers
  2. GlasgowTaycanCT

    UK - problems with Ionity?

    So if it happens, it should be a case of locking and unlocking the car a few times?
  3. GlasgowTaycanCT

    Color-Matched Key Fob Covers

    Do they ship to the UK? I'm looking for Mamba Green too.
  4. GlasgowTaycanCT

    Rear Axle Steering

    The RAS reduces the turning circle by about 1 metre. Whilst there will be a difference in small tight manoeuvres , it won't be a huge difference. But drive one without and try the same manoeuvre and see what you think. Also, 2.8 degrees is almost nothing, so not too noticeable to the eye.
  5. GlasgowTaycanCT

    CARMINE RED Taycan Club

    Carmine Red looks so good in the right lighting! 😍
  6. GlasgowTaycanCT

    Configuration Changes After Freeze Point?

    The freeze date often isn't the freeze date! Your sales person might want to play it safe by telling you the freeze date is about a week before ACTUAL freeze date. So the sooner you ask, the better. In the past, I have been able to change my spec 7-10 after the date I am given because I know...
  7. GlasgowTaycanCT

    Misjudged pillar at underground car park!

    Should be repairable. But it hurts to see that. Happened to my i8 2 weeks after I picked it up:(
  8. GlasgowTaycanCT

    UK, free charging deal or just access to chargers

    My current closest Ionity is Gretna which is over an hour away! I've actually never actually seen it in use. Always quiet. The good news for me is there's a new IONITY being commissioned just outside Glasgow so will be more convenient. Having said that, in Scotland, most Charge Place...
  9. GlasgowTaycanCT

    GENTIAN BLUE Taycan Club

    What brand is the PPF? Does it still happy "self healing" properties like the Xpel? More expensive to install compared to regular PPF? Cheers
  10. GlasgowTaycanCT

    GENTIAN BLUE Taycan Club

    Looks nice! Silly question. how does the satin PPF feel to touch? Any special cleaning techniques? or just the same as normal PPF? Cheers
  11. GlasgowTaycanCT

    Fully Spec'd 4S or Base Turbo?

    I think we've all had that going through our minds. Speccing the CT I want would be £110K. A base Turbo would be another £7K For me what would I get if I got a base Turbo? 1. Extended Leather 2. Matrix LED 3. Extra speed/Power I am not bothered with Extended Leather or Matrix LED. The...
  12. GlasgowTaycanCT

    Cherry popped! Just ordered my 4S Cross Turismo!!

    My delivery date is 9th July! Can't wait. There's no option of manual under thigh support on the standard seats.... Unlike BMWs! I thought long and hard about the 14 way seats and decided to go with them since I'll be sitting on them every single day so comfort is important. My build is...
  13. GlasgowTaycanCT

    Color Choice (Frozen Blue or Frozen Berry)

    Although I went for Mamba Green, Frozen Blue and Berry were on my short list. Both are amazing colours and look very different in different lighting conditions. The Berry, in person, is amazing. My wife really liked it too! Only problem is that in certain lighting conditions, it looks pink...
  14. GlasgowTaycanCT

    Cherry popped! Just ordered my 4S Cross Turismo!!

    Nice build! I'm really fussy with my seating position especially under thigh and lumbar support, so whilst I wanted to stick with the standard seats.... I went with 14 way after trying them out in the showroom. Regarding the wheels, I think satin suits the Cross Turismo wheels better. With...
  15. GlasgowTaycanCT

    Mamba Green with Gloss Black or Satin Aurum Wheels???

    Love the fact that the Mamba looks different in different lighting conditions. Stunning 😍
  16. GlasgowTaycanCT

    Mamba Green with Gloss Black or Satin Aurum Wheels???

    I decided to go with the Aurum wheels. 😁 Delivery date 9th July.
  17. GlasgowTaycanCT

    Mamba Green with Gloss Black or Satin Aurum Wheels???

    Wow! Nice!! What interior colour did you go for?
  18. GlasgowTaycanCT

    Hiding dashcam wires

    I don't actually know where the fuse box in the Taycan, but if its under the dash then why not wire it directly to the fuse box rather that the cigarette lighter? It's really simple. And really tidy
  19. GlasgowTaycanCT

    Sports Chrono or Rear Axle Steering?

    on the topic of turning circle. It depends what you are used to. My recent daily drivers have been Land Rover Discovery and BMW i8. Both have a turning circle of 12.3 metres. I frequently drive in the city and multi storey car parks. Whilst it isn't super easy to manoeuvre in those scenarios...
  20. GlasgowTaycanCT

    Wheel sizes - some comparisons

    I am impressed with the detail of your calculations! :clap: That is something I would spend hours on too! 😅 I always tend to spec the largest wheel size possible for my cars as aesthetics is important to me, and I tend to feel larger wheels look nicer. But I understand your concerns for ride...