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  1. Cross Turismo 4 or 4S? Crayon or Dolomite?

    I went to my dealer to pick ice grey, they had an ice grey, chalk and dolomite next to each other. i liked ice grey but it had too much metallic flake for me, it sparkled. I love chalk on GT3s but that also next to dolomite seemed boring. Dolomite was very pretty and it had a very classic feel...
  2. Base interior vs all leather

    leather is always better but I have dogs that leave paw prints and drool everywhere so I left mine with a standard interior so I can wipe it all down easily.
  3. New Gentian Blue! Flawless and Beautiful!

    Love the huracan more than the blue!
  4. Sports Chrono or Rear Axle Steering?

    What he said..
  5. Cross Turismo Bike Rack?

    I don’t think we can get it here in the states.
  6. 4S CT Build Questions

    I did the insulated glass. I also spec’d the burmeister so it seemed silly not to make sure I didn’t have the least road noise with a premium sound system. I didn’t do any of the rest. I never use cruise Control or anything else so I thought it would be a waste. here is my spec My build
  7. Cross Turismo availability in US

    5.5% is fantastic for a car with so few spots thus far...
  8. Cross Turismo availability in US

    I think someone on this board or rennlist got a turbo allocation
  9. Satin ppf applied to Gentian Blue Taycan

    well thats pretty cheap, here in the states it runs $6000-15,000 USD depending on the area..
  10. Weight: standard vs PCCB brakes

    for sure, but I think the OP was asking about weight savings. I agree on performance fully, I track on PCCBs and love it. As for the $5600 jump to PCCBs from PSCBs I saved it used that for the Burmeister
  11. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    I ordered one too, have a 6/25 delivery date.
  12. Satin ppf applied to Gentian Blue Taycan

    that looks great. its convinced me that I should do the GT3 in that color and have it stealth wrapped too.
  13. What’s is the best colour for the cross turismo in your opinion?

    Funny I went to the dealer to order ice grey, they had an ice grey, chalk and dolomite car next to each other. I immediately ruled out chalk, I thought ice grey had too much metallic and dolomite was just so classic looking so I picked that. I think the taycan/ct lines and accents go with a...
  14. Weight: standard vs PCCB brakes

    I spec'd PSCBs, I only care about the brake dust and want to minimize that. I have PCCBs on the other cars I'm not sure I can tell the difference to be honest, I switched between two GT3s one with steels to one with PCCBs and couldn't tell the different behind the wheel
  15. New Gentian Blue! Flawless and Beautiful!

    I'm getting that in the GT3 with neodyne wheels..can't wait!
  16. Why I'm trading in my 4S for a CT4.

    That’s a great trade in number. I would lock that in ASAP!
  17. Turismo aluminum roof vs. glass

    Yep. It showing the wrong image. Did you find a spot? That’s great. I agree I would have gotten a turbo if it were available.
  18. New to Porsche - looking at a Taycan 4S Cross Turismo

    I have an order in with a June build July delivery. Yes very few came out in this round of allocations so sticker is what dealers are charging.
  19. Final specification 4S

    I think backup cameras are standard?
  20. Final specification 4S

    I had a similar reaction but the op did say “tight” in his first post. So I get it. My budget was 150k..I have several it’s not a affordability issue. Its a how much am I willing to lose when I trade it in in two years issue...