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  1. PorscheLuvR

    Web interface for Porsche connect charger

    I was using safari on Mac and edge (chromium) on pc. Just click proceed anyway to override the https issues.
  2. PorscheLuvR

    Web interface for Porsche connect charger

    I had the same issue here in Australia last week when setting up for my new Taycan. The issue is most likely the IP Address Range of your home network. I initially had 10.0.1.x. and the PMCC would not resolve an IP address. When I changed my home network to 192.168.1.x it all just worked. My...
  3. PorscheLuvR

    Taycan charges to 100% despite profile

    I am having the same issue however it seems to only happen on a Sunny Day as I have a PV system with excess capacity so I feel the car is trying to use that (only Charging at 3kw) however it will ignore the 85% max setting. I feel there is a bug in the optimised charging settings.
  4. PorscheLuvR

    Mobile Charger Connect Does Not Like Class A Networks

    All, Discovered after much Trial and Error and countless calls with Porsche Australia and JetCharge that the Mobile Charger Connect (MCC) does not like Class A IP Addresses. My home network was set up as such with IP addresses in the 10.0.x.x Range. When we first set up the MCC whilst we could...
  5. PorscheLuvR

    Wheels Magazine local review Taycan 4S

    Must admit I do miss the PDK gearbox and the sound of the "flat 6" of my last Porsche however, I am sure mating a PDK to a Taycan engine would create a number of issues to do with Torque, RPM and the fact there are multiple engines to sync also. Sure someone is working on the concept though for...
  6. PorscheLuvR

    Taycan Turbo vs. tuned biturbo Corvette C8 drag races

    Everyone saw it. Out of the box Mid Range Taycan holds its own against a heavily modified corvette. If it was not for the Capped Max speed of the Taycan, (I am sure they could pull more out of the Taycan if they wanted to) there would be no comparison. the message is clear though, 1st Gen...
  7. PorscheLuvR

    Any recommendation on portable charge solutions for Taycan in Australia.

    Seems having a Type 2 32A (22kva) cable in the boot is mandatory to avoid anxiety on long trips. Any suggestions on what would make a good Portable solution?
  8. PorscheLuvR

    Any Idea when Porsche will introduce FoD in Australia.

    Luxury Car Tax avoidance aside. I would be keen to explore other features such as Innodrive in the not to distant future. What are the plans to launch FoD in Australia so this can become a reality like in other countries.
  9. PorscheLuvR

    Took delivery of my 4S in Sydney

    Thanks all. Mine was delivered Friday night. will post some pics when we have a nice day. To busy "Playing" yesterday to take many
  10. PorscheLuvR

    Took delivery of my 4S in Sydney

    That's not bad. Is yours financed or paid upfront because Shannons quoted me $5300 for the Turbo which I thought was a bit rich as it is only 80Kish more. Maybe the word "Turbo" scares them
  11. PorscheLuvR

    Took delivery of my 4S in Sydney

    Quick one. Who did you insure with. Seems many Aussie insures are scared of the Taycan 🙂
  12. PorscheLuvR

    Took delivery of my 4S in Sydney

    Hopefully not to far behind you. Just waiting to get the charger installed at home. Hoping next week. Going Volcanic Ash on a Taycan Turbo. Can’t wait.