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  1. Pennyroyal

    Pano roof in hot climate Y or N

    I think "ill informed" is harsh. The poster's comment was a response to another post. It's all about personal preference. I see people in convertibles mid day with tops down in FL, a personal choice. Some are more sensitive to sun than others. I thought I might feel claustrophobic with the...
  2. Pennyroyal

    Pano roof in hot climate Y or N

    We chose not to get the glass roof and have not regretted it.
  3. Pennyroyal

    Which extras you wouldn't order again

    We have the metal roof. I was apprehensive about feeling claustrophobic inside and a lack of headroom, but after long drives yesterday and today, no regrets. There is too much sun in FL, I don't need more. The Panamera had a screen, which helped, but no regrets on the Taycan. The metal roof also...
  4. Pennyroyal

    Center Wheel Caps

    Go to eBay Motors. There is a variety there, much less than the dealer. I got a set of colored ones for one of our Panameras and it was of very high quality.
  5. Pennyroyal

    Taycan Q1 2021 Sales Numbers Hit New Heights

    There is no Panamera inventory on the lots, the 2021 is only just starting to trickle in, which accounts for the low sales.
  6. Pennyroyal


    We had a Jet Black on order (just finished production yesterday) but a week ago saw the Dolomite next to a Jet Black on the dealer lot and in sunlight the silver beams. The color reminds me of the Diamond Silver SL Mercedes we had a decade ago. At some angles it's bluish, but I know it will be...
  7. Pennyroyal


    Picked this up Tuesday. Had a Jet Black on order but saw this Dolomite and in the sunlight the color comes alive. Went to the supercharger last night- had a very slow charge session- but the home charging will be set up soon.
  8. Pennyroyal

    Base interior vs all leather

    The local dealer has just received a half dozen RWD and small battery cars with glass roof and full leather for about $92,000.
  9. Pennyroyal

    Base interior vs all leather

    We've had a new Taycan on order with ETA end of May. Poking around the dealership lot Sunday we spotted a new RWD that had most of what we were looking for and picked it up yesterday. It has the standard leather in black, it is very luxurious and in the dark color the stitching details are...